Click That Cake And Eat It Too: We've Found The 5 Most Insta-Worthy Cafes In HKV

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In the age of Snapchat and Instagram, going out for coffee dates in beautiful cafes is incomplete if the world hasn’t seen it on your stories. For those who love not just good coffee, but also pretty decor, we’ve rounded up a list of the most beautiful-looking cafes in Hauz Khas Village. Obviously, your Insta feed will be LIT.

Coast Cafe

Modern and minimal, their bay windows, pristine white setting, and soothing music straight-from-the-shores are utterly charming.The Californian tacos are a must-try, along with the Malabar paranthas and the appams. Also, if you manage to get a space in their outdoor section, you’ve hit a photography jackpot.


The Tea Room From Blossom Kochhar

With an old-world charm, soft lighting and a relaxed vibe, you’ll find that this cosy place is the perfect spot for reading {there are ample books on their shelves}, working, catching up with your BFF and of course, clicking away. Along with good food and beverages, they are dedicated to serving you ‘good vibes only’.

Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen

With a peaceful mountain aura, brick walls with Tibetan masks, mandalas, Buddhist prayer flags and wheels, you can expect feeling zen as soon as you step into their space. Go there for their yummy Himalayan menu which includes Gyuma, Choila, momos and the famed Nepali Thali.

Mia Bella

Imagine soft sunlight falling through yellow curtains, blue seating, a lot of bouquets, colourful cushions and a view of the lake, all spanned across three floors. To add to the list, they take extra care in making their dishes and drinks just as presentable, if not more {even the crockery matches with their decor!}. We highly recommend their Traditional Tiramisu to bring your feed to life. 

Elma’s Bakery, Bar and Kitchen

Though not exactly a cafe, Elma’s makes the cut for being one of the most aesthetic spaces in HKV. The quaint European theme teamed with gorgeous plants, vintage European crockery, a grandfather clock, a wooden piano and more of such quirky elements, makes it a mighty camera-friendly space. With good coffee and excellent choice of desserts like the red velvet cake, banoffee pie and The New York Style Cheese Cake, the place is tailor-made for a romantic evening out.


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