8 Caterers In Delhi Who Will Help You Throw The Best Parties Ever

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How many times have you intended to host a small get-together and before you know it, you have 20 people coming over? Which obviously means bringing out those gigantic dongas and slaving away in the kitchen while the party is happening, or being too exhausted during the party to enjoy yourself. So, to save yourself from this, here's a list of the best caterers in Delhi. 

Sudipta Caterers

A Bengali favourite, Sudipta caterers are called as soon as there's a party to be thrown—especially in Bengali households. They're known for their affordable, wide range of food that not only tasty, but also super wholesome. They offer in-house chefs, cutlery, drinking water, and even presentation options if you really want to go all out. We'd suggest getting dishes like Dhokar Dalna for a vegetarian option, and mutton and fish chops, or sorish fish curry for non-vegetarian options. 

Saloni's Kitchen

If you're a fan of gourmet cuisines and wish to give your guests a lavish spread, then Saloni's Kitchen is your go to. They specialise in several cuisines—Italian, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Coastal, and Kashmiri. They also do pre-plated food that is perfect, fuss-free, and very 'travel' friendly. Think picnics, and meals on wheels with your buddies. Each plate is especially crafted, curated, and packed in gorgeous white crockery. When it comes to food, we'd suggest trying out their Aranchini Balls and Mushroom Duplex.


From corporate soirées, destination weddings, to smaller gatherings like gender-reveal parties, intimate engagements, etc., we'd suggest Harisons, which promises nationwide luxury catering, a brand that's been acing the game since 1960. What we love about Harisons is that the sky is the limit when it comes to getting food catered by them. They provide everything from live sushi counters to Indian curries to even cold tapas! 

Arvind Ji

Arvind Ji is the one caterer who does everything from Indian and Thai to Continental and Chinese food but from what we’ve tried, we recommend sticking to the Thai and, maybe, a little bit of Chinese. They do a great Pad Thai, Chicken Satay, Prawn Curry and Thai curry. Bonus: They can also whip up a mean Khao Suey and Green Thai Curry, and help you set up your table with all the beautiful toppings.

Kallu Meat Shop

Kallu Meat Shop in Hauz Khas Market, apart from providing us with pre-marinated tikkas and chilli chicken, also does a great chicken biryani (on bulk orders). Not too hot but loaded with spices, this is great for when you just want to place giant pots in the middle of your drawing room and literally make no other effort.

They’ve recently started a restaurant in G Block, Hauz Khas, in case you want to sample what you’re ordering first.

Sweet N Juicy

This company does things a little differently. They set up unique food stalls in fancy ways to give your party the perfect mascot! They have antique candy shop setup, Thanda Banta bar, Pizza Hut brick shop, café coffee shop setup, sweet corn n pop corn setup and so on. Gosh, how much fun would this party to be?

Fat Lulu’s

Did someone say pizza party? Then Fat Lulu’s has you covered! Yes, they take bulk or party orders as well. They have great catering deals on their oh-so-fresh gourmet pizzas that you should get your hands on. They've got thin crust, wood-fired oven pizza, pasta options, grilled dishes, and a lot more on their menu, all of which, are the perfect recipe for a gala time.

Artisan Meats

Artisan Meats

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If you’re a meat lover and your guests would fancy a nice non-vegetarian meal too, call these guys up to set the table and they'll cater the best meal for you. They're very popular for their smoked sausages (we love the Smoked Chicken & Bacon one), chorizo, and their bacon bits sandwich spread. Also, a barbecue night is what we’re subtly hinting at.

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