Cool As Ice: Beat The Summer With This Guide To The Best Chuskis In Town

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Let’s all just agree that summer isn't awesome (in Delhi!), and there is probably nothing better to help us deal with it than an icy treat dipped in fruity flavours and chaat masala. Chuskis are a summer favourite for many in the city, and these ice pops beat the packaged ones any day, right? Here's a list of some of the best chuski shops around town that you should check out.

SSK Fruit Flavoured Chuski

Situated in the heart of Kamla Nagar Market, this chuskiwallah is a favourite amongst many college students and even local residents. He serves a variety of fruit-flavoured chuskis (mango and combo chuski are the best here). That’s not all: If you’re lucky, you can (maybe!) catch Pandey Saab, a regular to this stall, practising his rap while he enjoys his icy treat.

Price: Starting at INR 30 

Jagdamba Fruit Juice

If you’re headed for a shopping spree to the Karol Bagh market, make sure you stop by at this place for some khus and mix chuski. The shop is located in the lane adjacent to the metro station, and offers juices and shakes too.

Price: Starting at INR 40

Prince Paan

We already know Prince Paan for its amazing paan and chaat, but the chuski here is equally amazing. Made with mineral water (because South Delhi won’t settle for less) these chuskis come in various flavours, but the kala khatta is the best here.

 Price: Starting at INR 40

Shikara Lovely Chuski

The most famous one in Delhi, there is no way you can miss this. The chuski is prepared here at lightning-fast speeds, and comes in a variety of high-quality flavours. The best here are Rose and kala khatta (it was really hard choosing a favourite, though). Don’t miss the jingle the owner sings (plus the killer view of India Gate at night).

Price: Starting at INR 30

Satish Chuski Bhandar

Known for ice-creams and chuskis, this place serves amazing flavours like rose, kala khatta, elaichi etc. The chuskis are hygienically prepared and they cater to events too.

 Price: Starting at INR 30


A Green Park Market favourite, this one serves more than just delicious chuskis (bhelpuri, sev puri etc). The chuskis are available in two sizes (regular and large) and Mango and Litchi were our favourites. They also claim to have served a lot of celebrities!

Price: Starting at INR 50


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