13 Best Homegrown Cocktail Mixers For A Boozy Night

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For all the hosts, planning get-togethers and Diwali taash parties this season, cocktail mixers are a blessing! You get to feel like a mixologist while your friends wait for that crisp Gin Rickey (or a Whiskey Sour or an Old Fashioned), and you deliver! It also takes the pressure of off you to stay behind the bar and make drinks all night because it's super quick and easy! So, it's time to take out those bar tools and make our favourite cocktails using these cocktail mixers from India. The best part, they're available online. 

Let's start mixing, shall we?

Sepoy & Co.

Sepoy & Co

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Headquartered in Delhi, Sepoy & Co. has won accolades for their highly wondrous tonic waters and original ginger ale. Their tonic waters are available in three distinct flavours of Spiced Grapefruit, Mint and Indian. These low-sugar mixers are a delight when paired with different liquors. 

Mix Up: Pair their Spiced Grapefruit Tonic Water with gin (since I'm slightly biased towards gin) and let the tropical flavours of the mixer take over.

Price: INR 570 (pack of 6)

Pro-Tip: If you're an ardent gin lover like me you need to check out this list of homegrown gins and what to pair them with. 

Bengal Bay

Bengal Bay

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Offering an organic alternative to the regular tonics available in the market, Bengal Bay is the perfect blend of botanicals that brings out the perfect flavour of spirits, as opposed to concealing them. Their Classic Indian Tonic Water and Spiced Orange & Basil Tonic Water are handcrafted with low sugar content and can also be consumed as is. 

Mix Up: Whiskey Ginger Tonic from their recipe book is as promising as it sounds. Slice up some oranges and ginger, add a bit of orange juice, white port, whiskey and a bottle of Bengal Bay's Spiced Orange & Basil Tonic Water. Head over to their website for some more delightful cocktails. 

Price: INR 1,188 (Pack of 12)

Jimmy's Cocktails

Tropical, fruity and fabulously live, Jimmy's Cocktails are all that and so much more. These are available in four flavours - cosmopolitan, mango chili mojito, sex on the beach, bloody mary, cherry sour, whiskey sour and their latest collaboration with Sleepy Owl will have us sipping on espresso martinis soon. Their fruity ingredients and other botanicals are balanced to perfection. Again, these can be enjoyed as fun mocktails too.

Mix Up: Yearning for a classic Old Fashioned? Their Whiskey Sour needs to be on your radar. Or make yourself a refreshing glass of Cosmo with their Cosmopolitan mix. 

Price: INR 792 (Pack of 8)


Svami Drinks

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Banking on the global gin revolution, three 'seasoned drinkers' launched Svami Tonic Waters. Based out of Mumbai, these all-natural drinks are not overly sweet (yay!) and come in several different variants. They have original, light, cucumber and grapefruit and 3 Cal Tonic water, ginger ales, and some ready-to-drink nonalcoholic drinks such as rum and cola and, pink gin and tonic too.

Mix Up: Make yourself a Cucumber Mint using their Cucumber Tonic Water with some vodka. Top it up with some fresh mint, sliced cucumber and drops of lemon to get that lively buzz.

Price: INR 1,020 (Pack of 12)

Jade Forest

Jade Forest

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For a more refined drinking experience, we'd recommend adding fresh tonic waters from Jade Forest which are free of all artificial elements. Their Grapefruit Tonic Water which is a blend of grapefruits and citruses has a crispy bittersweet flavour which is great on the palette. Other variants include Premium Indian Tonic Water, Elderflower Tonic Water, Club Soda and Original Ginger Ale. 

Mix Up: If you love tangy and citrusy flavours, we'd suggest you mix their Grapefruit Tonic Water with some vodka and enjoy this zesty drink.

Price: INR 570 (Pack of 6)

& Stirred Cocktail Mix

Whiskey Sour, Pina Colada, Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Sangria, Mojito, Kamikaze shots - & Stirred Cocktail Mixers are delightful, to say the least. These folks have made hosting house parties so much easier AND you're not stuck behind the bar counter forever. Not to forget these are highly economical too! 

Mix Up: White Rum gang, where you at? Just add their Pina Colada mix to one part of white rum, garnish it with freshly sliced pineapples, LOTS of crushed ice and you're sorted.

Price: INR 200 (Pack of 4) 



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ZOik has a no-frill mixer in the form of its sparkling water that has zero sugar, zero caffeine and zero preservatives. This bubbly drink is healthy and by no means will it hamper your workout. And hey, these are fizzy so they provide the perfect playing ground to experiment with other alcoholic beverages. 

Mix Up: Fruit Juice, Vodka or White Rum along with cubes of ice could make for an exciting cocktail. 

Price: INR 399 



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Stirred by a mother and son duo, Bartisans specialises in handcrafting high-quality mixers in the form of syrups in small batches. The real stars are the ingredients; flowers, fruit, spices, and herbs - they’re delicate and balanced. We’re talking about ingredients like blue pea, mint, lavender, rose petals, smoked pineapple, tamarind, among others. They've recently rebranded and will soon start taking pre-orders of the new and improved version of their mixers, which will now be low on calories (less than 50 per without compromising on the taste. 

Mix Up: If you like tropical drinks, then mix some gin, vodka or white rum with their Hibiscus & Lavender Cocktail Mixer!

Price: INR 395 onwards for one bottle

Swa Artisanal Syrup

Swa actually started as a cold-pressed juice but switched to making syrups for cocktails upon realising its popularity among mixologists. It's all-natural and handcrafted, made with whole fruits, herbs, and spices sourced from all over India. Their website has made it quite convenient for you to buy according to the spirit of your liking as they have mixer packs for gin, vodka, whiskey, and rum! 

Mix Up: I can’t wait to try the Jamun Kala Khatta paired with gin! The notes of juniper berries in the Gin should pair brilliantly with Jamun, which also belongs to the berry family.

Price: INR 600 (pack of 2)

Blind Gilt

Blind Gilt

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Currently offering six variants — Appletini, Basil Smash, Paloma, Penicillin, Spiced Margarita, and Espresso Martini! Each of their 180 ml bottles is packed with a flavourful punch. You can make three drinks with one bottle, which I'd say is less because you'll definitely be wanting more.

Mix Up: The espresso martini is very well balanced and brings out the coffee flavor rather beautifully, best paired with dark rum! If you like a kick of spice then definitely try the spiced margarita with vodka.

Price: INR 1,194 (pack of 6)

Bab Louie & Co

One of the first mixers I ever tried, so, I definitely hold a special place for Bab Louie & Co. They have limited variants — classic margarita, old fashioned, passion fruit and mixed berries — but each is perfected to the T. Apart from that, they also offer three bitters, which help bring some complexity to otherwise routine drinks!

Mix Up: Sweet and spicy, mix their classic margarita with tequila, vodka, gin, or even seltzer for a great drink!

Price: INR 649 per bottle (serves 6)



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Sippin’ has you set with its non-alcoholic cocktail mixes that come in fruity, spicy, and herby flavours. I love the face that it comes in a powdered form which not only makes it super travel-friendly but also cost-effective. The brand wants you to cuddle with your cocktail and while that may sound ludicrous, the fact that you can have these mixes with any alcohol of choice (including champagne), really isn’t.

Mix Up: The Mojito Cocktail Mix with fresh mint and lemon flavours is their bestseller. You can mix this with soda water, white rum/gin of your choice

Price: INR 300 for one box, makes 8 drinks

Tipsy Tiger

Tipsy Tiger

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Tipsy Tiger was started by three friends while they were serial chilling. They offer four different mixers – whiskey sour, old fashioned, bloody mary, and orange mojito. All of them are made with 100% natural ingredients and contain less than three percent added sugar! People who have friends over almost every other weekend should invest in their party starter pack, which comes with four mixers, two coasters, a rubber mat, and a peg measure.

Mix Up: The orange mojito seems interesting to me, it pairs orange juice with kaffir lime and goes well with gin, vodka, or rum!

Price: INR 547 (pack of 3)


Did you know that Kombuchas also make for great mixers? Check out this list of Kombuchas from local Indian brands and make yourself those sophisticated drinks. Oh, and to go with your drinks, head over to our snacks section on Shop On LBB and splurge away. Find everything from vegan to quinoa to gluten-free snacks and lots more.


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