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10 Best Homegrown Cocktail Mixers For A Boozy Night

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We've already made peace with the fact that there's not going to be any waiting near the bar for that crisp Gin Rickey (or a Whiskey Sour or an Old Fashioned), at our favourite pubs for a while. But are we going to let that stop us from enjoying our favourite drinks at home? Hell no! So, it's time to take out those bar (s)tools and make our favourite cocktails using these cocktail mixers from India. The best part, they're available online. 

Let's start mixing, shall we?

Sepoy & Co.

Sepoy & Co

icon-placeAvailable Online

Headquartered in Delhi, Sepoy & Co. has won accolades for their highly wondrous tonic waters and original ginger ale. Their tonic waters are available in three distinct flavours of Spiced Grapefruit, Mint and Indian. These low-sugar mixers are a delight when paired with different liquors. 

Mix Up:  Pair their Spiced Grapefruit Tonic Water with gin (since I'm slightly biased towards gin) and let the tropical flavours of the mixer take over.

Price: INR 1140 (Case of 12)

P.S., if you're an ardent gin lover like me you need to check out this list of homegrown gins and what to pair them with. 

Bengal Bay

Bengal Bay

icon-placeAvailable on LBB

Offering an organic alternative to the regular tonics available in the market, Bengal Bay is the perfect blend of botanicals which brings out the perfect flavour of spirits, as opposed to concealing them. Their Classic Indian Tonic Water and Spiced Orange & Basil Tonic Water are handcrafted with low sugar content and can also be consumed as is. 

Mix Up: Whiskey Ginger Tonic from their recipe book is as promising as it sounds. Slice up some oranges and ginger, add a bit of orange juice, white port, whiskey and a bottle of Bengal Bay;s Spiced Orange & Basil Tonic Water. Head over to their website for some more delightful cocktails. 

Price: INR 1,188 (Pack of 12)

Sober & Co.

Based in Kolkata, Sober & Co. has exotic and experimental mixers to up your bartending game!

Using ingredients like woodsy rosemary and exclusively-sourced Goan Kokum, the health geek in you can rest easy knowing that their concoctions are chemical free and low in calorie. If you don’t want to mix and match, that’s fine too as you can knock back these ones as is. From Australian Sour, Cuban Spitzer to Mexican Mama and Caribbean Punch, there’s plenty to choose from, for all kinds of drinkers. Our favourite? The Goan Mule.

Mix Up: Keep it spicy with their Spanish Margarita which is a blend of jalapenos and fuse it with Gin Or treat yourself to the Australian Sour which goes best with Whiskey for the classic richness. If you're a sucker for sweet spirits, then the Caribbean Punch with some vodka is your best pick! Just #Pop&Pour or #Spike&Serve, the choice is yours!

Price: INR  549 (Pack of 6)

Jimmy's Cocktails

Jimmys Cocktails

icon-placeAvailable on LBB

Tropical, fruity and fabulously live, Jimmy's Cocktails are all that and so much more. These are available in four flavours - Cosmopolitan, Mango Chilli Mojito, Sex On The Beach and Whiskey Sour. Their fruity ingredients and other botanicals are balanced to perfection. Again, these can be enjoyed as fun mocktails too.

Mix Up: Yearning for a classic Old Fashioned? Their Whiskey Sour needs to be on your radar. Or make yourself a refreshing glass of Cosmo with their Cosmopolitan mix. 

Price: INR 396 (Pack of 4)


Svami Drinks

icon-placeAvailable Online

Banking on the global gin revolution, three 'seasoned drinkers' launched Svami Tonic Waters. Based out of Mumbai, these all-natural drinks are not overly sweet (yay!) and come in some different variants. They have Original Tonic Water, Light Tonic Water, Grapefruit Tonic Water, Cucumber Tonic Water, 3 Cal Tonic and Ginger Ale. 

Mix Up: Make yourself a Cucumber Mint using their Cucumber Tonic Water with some vodka. Top it up with some fresh mint, sliced cucumber and drops of lemon to get that lively buzz.

Price: INR 1,020 (Pack of 12)

Jade Forest

Jade Forest

icon-placeAvailable Online

For a more refined drinking experience, we'd recommend adding fresh tonic waters from Jade Forest which are free of all artificial elements. Their Grapefruit Tonic Water which is a blend of grapefruits and citruses has a crispy bittersweet flavour which is great on the palette. Other variants include Premium Indian Tonic Water, Elderflower Tonic Water, Club Soda and Original Ginger Ale. 

Mix Up: If you love tangy and citrusy flavours, we'd suggest you mix their Grapefruit Tonic Water with some vodka and enjoy this zesty drink.

Price: INR 480 (Pack of 6)



icon-placeAvailable on LBB

Fairly new in the cocktail mixer biz, Drinktales has come up with fairly innovative Cocktail Crystals in four killers flavours of Chili Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Old Fashioned and Mint Daiquiri. But what's great about them is they're also available in fun boxes like Bachelor Box, Anniversary Box, Birthday Box and a Special Occasion Box which contain coasters, magnets, shaker, measurer stirrer and eco-friendly straws apart from mixer sachets. 

Mix Up: Their Mint Daiquiri ideally goes well with White Rum and or Vodka but we wouldn't mind pairing it up gin (the bias continues, sorry).

Price: INR 180 (Pack of 4)

& Stirred Cocktail Mix

Whiskey Sour, Pina Colada, Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Sangria, Mojito - & Stirred Cocktail Mixers are delightful, to say the least. These folks have made hosting house parties so much easier AND you're not stuck behind the bar counter forever. Not to forget these are highly economical too! 

Mix Up: White Rum gang, where you at? Just add their Pina Colada mix to one part of white rum, garnish it with freshly sliced pineapples, LOTS of crushed ice and you're sorted. 

Price: INR 240 (Pack of 4) 

Mumbai Mixers

Mumbai Mixers

icon-placeAvailable on LBB

Mumbaimixers will catch your attention not just because of its bright and colourful packaging but also because these beverage mixes have low calories, zero trans fats and no artificial flavours. Stock up on the brand's Cosmopolitan, Whiskey Sour, Mojito and Sex On The Beach mixes and you're good to go when a fruity, smooth and tasty cocktail rounds up a tiring wfh day. These are not just non-alcoholic but also ideal for those of you just wanting a cooler without the alcohol. 

Mix Up: Vodka pairs seamlessly with many of their mixes. Thrown in some ice and mint leaves along with the alcohol and you're set. You could also use a smooth whisky for its whisky sour mix. 

Price: INR 396 upwards (pack of 4)



icon-placeAvailable on LBB

Known for its low-calorie cocktail mixers that are made of natural extracts and low sugar content, MXYR is gluten-free, vegan and plastic-free. The best part is that these can be paired with any liquor and professional mixologists stand by this brand. The Perfume Tini Mixture with hints of hibiscus and jasmine goes well with vodka and the Berry Bon with Bourbon. The brand's Citron Cool with lemongrass and cucumber does wonders when paired with gin.

Mix Up: Vodka, Gin, Bourbon go well with these mixers, some ice and some cut fruits should do good. 

Price: INR 120 upwards



icon-placeAvailable on LBB

ZOik has a no frill mixer in the form of its sparkling water that has zero sugar, zero caffeine and zero preservatives. This bubbly drink is healthy and by no means will it hamper your workout. And hey, these are fizzy so they provide the perfect playing ground to experiment with other alcoholic beverages. 

Mix Up: Fruit Juice, Vodka or White Rum along with cubes of ice could make for an exciting cocktail. 

Price: INR 399 


Did you know that Kombuchas also make for great mixers? Check out this list of Kombuchas from local Indian brands and make yourself those sophisticated drinks. Oh, and to go with your drinks, head over to our snacks section on Shop On LBB and splurge away. Find everything from vegan to quinoa to gluten-free snacks and lots more.