10 Desserts That Taste Best During The Delhi Winter

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We know you’re feeling exceptionally lazy in this cold, and a plain old chocolate bar won’t really curb those sugar cravings, so here we are with a list of desserts you have to try this winter.

Gajar Ka Halwa

Halwa is the reason we embrace winter so well. Warm, sweet, rich it’s everything we want to eat in a bowl. No Punjabi dinner in winter ends without gajar halwa, so who are we to say no? While every family has its own recipe (passed down from grandmothers), we know a few places who do it really well, like the good old Giani’s Di Hatti in Chandni Chowk, which tops it with a truckload of nuts.

More Options:  Kaleva Sweets in Bangla Sahib Marg and Chaina Ram in Chandni Chowk. 

Strawberry & Mascarpone Cake

Strawberries are in season, so we can finally ditch the preserves and enjoy this fruit in all its full glory. A topping of chocolate-dipped fresh strawberries is what sugar heaven looks like. The Big Chill is the place to hit up for a slice or two (oh, who are we kidding, get the whole cake!).

That light sponge cake layered with Italian mascarpone and fresh strawberries—it feels like floating in a garden.


We know chikki is not technically a dessert in the same category as the other options mentioned on this list, but soaking in the winter sun with peanuts and chikki is such an iconic winter memory. Jaggery and peanuts coming together to from this Indian version of a French praline (let’s not get into the nutty gritties of it, but chikki beats praline every time), puts winter in a whole new perspective.

Gulab Wala uses high quality jaggery that gives it a deep amber colour and the balanced sweetness we love for our afternoon chikki sesh.

More Options: Kanwarji’s, Chandni Chowk (Paranthe Wali Gali), and Lalaji Dry Fruit & General Store, Lajpat Nagar.

Daulat Ki Chaat

Often regarded as an Indian soufflé (only better), daulat ki chaat marks the beginning of the best season in Delhi. As the air gets nippy, the streets of Chandni Chowk are filled with vendors serving this winter favourite from their quaint carts. This hand-churned dessert is light, creamy and can easily pull you into a food trance.

Topped with a saffron layer, silver sheets and pistachios, the name seems just about right

More Options: Dariba Kalan, Jaspal & Sunil Kumar (Chawri Bazar), and Hemchandra (Chawri bazar).

Jalebi & Kulhad Ka Doodh

We don’t really hesitate to gobble up these twisted sweets during summer, but it’s particularly pleasing to eat them piping hot when it’s freezing cold. Deep fried and loaded with sugar syrup, they make a perfect combination with warm kulhad ka doodh infused with saffron.

Old Famous Jalebi Wala is the most beloved place for big fat jalebis in Delhi, however if you enjoy the crispy petite ones, Bikanerwala is the place to go.

More Options: Dariba Kalan, Chandni Chowk, Makhal Lal Tika Ram in Bara Bazar, Kashmere Gate.

Moong Ki Dal Ka Halwa

Moong ki Dal Ka Halwa is best when a searing hot amount is served to you during a cold Delhi winter. It's just a wholesome, filling and comforting dessert, especially the ones made with generous amounts of ghee! You can get the best Moong Ki Dal Ka Halwa in the city at Anupama Sweets in GK. 

More Options: Giani Di hatti, Odeon Sweets, and Nathu's Sweets. 

Plum Cake

What's December and Christmas without a good Plum Cake? You can get the best Plum cake in town at Wenger's, and that's probably not surprising for any of y'all to read! 

More Options: The Artful Baker (EOK, Khan Market, Noida, Gurgaon)  and Maxims (in Kailash Colony). 

Yule Log

Swiss Yule Log is another great winter and Christmas dessert! It's basically a huge spongy Swiss Roll coated with chocolate icing/cream. You can get one of the most smooth and creamy Yule Log at Dezertfox in the city.

More Options: Angels in My Kitchen and Theos.

Cinnamon Rolls

It would be a crime if we did not include the classic, cinnamon rolls on this list. The feeling of eating hot cinnamon rolls during winter is basically the kind of comfort we all need (and deserve) in life. Just one bite and you'll go to food heaven, we promise (unless of course cinnamon is not your thing at all). You can get the best of these at Cinnabon outlets. And although, us Delhi folks don't deny ourselves cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon anytime of the year, winter and cinnamon spice are just the best and most evergreen combination ever. 

More options: Chocolateria San Churro, and Defence Bakery. 

Chocolate Lava Cake

Who doesn't love warm chocolate flowing out of a chocolate cake? It's the ultimate comfort food, something you can sit back in your bed with, tucked inside a quilt, and with your most favourite Netflix shows on. You can get the best of the lot at Chili's Bar & Grill. So, don't let these winters go by without getting a bite of it!

More options: Diggin, and The Chocolate Room. 

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