Hit Up These Spots For That Perfect Filter Kaapi

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Snuggling in the blanket, hot shower baths, spot-on winter layering, and a perfect cup of coffee - that's how I see winters (you do too, right?). But, the point is that it is quite easy to get the first three things right but finding that flavourful cup of coffee (also, filtered) could be a difficult task.

So, we've compiled a list of places in Delhi that serve amazing filter coffee.

Carnatic Cafe

Carnatic Cafe located in GK-2 is one of the best places to head to when you are craving for some authentic South Indian food. Of course, the dosa and idli are the highlights here but you should definitely not miss out on their filter coffee (if you are a coffee-lover, you'll thank me later!). 

The price of filter coffee is INR 90.

Andhra Bhavan

It would certainly have been unfair if I would have left this one out of the list (being a coffee lover, I wouldn't have ever, though). The coffee here is REALLY good and it's not expensive at all. So, whenever you plan to head here, try their thali options and for your own good, do not forget to try their coffee.

The price of coffee is INR 20.

Lakshmi Coffee House

Lakshmi Coffee House is one of the oldest places in Noida to serve South Indian cuisine. While their dosas and thalis are quite famous, you should definitely include their filter coffee in your meal. If you are someone who is going to head here from Delhi or Gurgaon, we suggest, put a reminder and don't forget to sip on one.

The price of coffee is INR 25.

Sarvana Bhavan

As much as I love their mini-tiffins, I also love their filter coffee (equal hearts for both, no compromises). No matter, how full I am, I can easily have two to three cups (no lying!). So, go!

The price of coffee is INR 60.

Cafe Lota

There are a lot of reasons to love Cafe Lota but one of the best reasons for you to love this place is their filter coffee. If you love their cold filter coffee, then trust us, the hot one is even better.

The price of filter coffee is INR 60.


Naivedyam is the best place to head to if you are craving for some delicious uttapam and dosas. Not just that, but their filter coffee is something without which your meal won't be complete and obviously, you wouldn't want an incomplete meal.

The price of coffee is INR 58.

Karnataka Food Centre

Karnataka Food Centre is certainly one of the most pocket-friendly places to head to for South Indian cuisine. Try their Mysore Masala Dosa and Vada, and you will certainly come back for more. Hey, and do give their filter coffee a shot too. 

The price of coffee is INR 35.


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