Brownie, Sharifa Or Cheesecake: Delhi Has Ice Creams For All Palates

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We love the ice cream carts that are parked near our house and we obviously don't mind grabbing a popsicle (or a few) right after our dinner while we are out for a stroll. But, don't you think each day calls for a different flavour at a different place? If you're nodding yes with great enthusiasm we've picked the best ice cream parlours you can head to. 

Nirula's Ice cream

Throughout our childhood, we have spent most of our time at Nirula's either hogging on burgers or on ice creams. You'll easily be able to find one in or around your locality. Whether you favour their Hot Chocolate Fudge (we sure do!) or their Red Velvet ice cream, you’ll always leave feeling happy and, in most cases, nostalgic for your childhood.

Price: Starting at INR 50

Must-Try Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip, Dark Fudge Brownie, Hot Chocolate Fudge


Giani's is another one of those old-is-gold spots. In business since 1956, they’ve only grown and now, you can spot them all over the city. They’re famous for consistency and flavours, such as Honey Nut Crunch, Punjabi Delight and Kaju Kishmish, and believe us, that’s only the tip of the ice—we want to say berg, but we’ll go with ‘cream sundae’ instead.

Price: Starting at INR 50

Must-Try Ice Cream: Belgian Chocolate

Haagen- Dazs

Haagen-Dazs is Delhi’s answer to a luxe ice cream experience. From the ambience to the presentation of your dessert, it’s top-notch all the way. Indulge in the fancy version of a banana split, complete with a crispy waffle to go with it. Sinful is the only word that comes to mind. Find them at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.

Price: Starting at INR 195

Must-Try Ice Cream: Cookies & Cream

Minus 30

Did you ever believe ice cream could be…healthy? With Minus 30 and their endeavour to create artificial flavour-free ice cream, it actually kind of is. Prepared with fresh fruits, each bite is full of flavour. These are handmade in small batches and you can try out their vegan and sugar-free options as well. 

Price: Starting at INR 199

Must-Try Ice Cream: French Vanilla

Tangelo Desserts & Ice Cream

This family-run brand based out of Gurgaon is a must-visit for everyone who is looking for ice creams that are low on sugar, delicious, and preservative-free. Bonus is that they have vegan options and have something for your doggo too. So, order a tub (or two) right away.

Price: Starting at INR 99

Must-Try Ice Cream: Belgian Dark Chocolate and Tangerine


With fresh ingredients, offbeat flavours and ice cream served in cute, coconut shells, Jaatre is perfect for yummilicious ice creams. They’re a fresh change from the synthetic, overly sweet ice creams that taste like frozen lumps of sugar. This tropical dessert parlour now has three outlets in Delhi and is the perfect place for residents to escape the overwhelming heat with scoops of Sharifa and mango.

Price: Starting at INR 80

Must-Try Ice Cream: Pink Guava

Creme Borne

Ever had ice cream with googly eyes and mini-moustaches? While it’s hard to bite into such a cute creation, these soft serves are made with cake batter and are absolutely divine. They come in flavours like strawberry cheesecake and cookie dough. Creme Borne's toppings include adorable, googly eyes and stuff like marshmallows, gems, etc. 

Price: Starting at INR 69

Must-Try Ice Cream: Mixed Feelings (Yep, that's the name)


Offering over 160 varieties of ice cream flavours, Havmor was started way back in 1944, and since then, has been everybody's favourite. They introduce three new flavours every quarter and their Choco Nutty and Blockbuster Ice Cream are divine. They also do ice cream cakes, y'all, double divinity. 

Price: Starting at INR 10 (approx.)

Must-Try Ice Cream: Choco Block


Goosebumps has got plenty of surprises on their menu for every craving you have—whether it's for chocolate or fresh fruits. We love their combination of flavours that guarantee goosebumps. 

Price: Starting at INR 100 (approx.)

Must-Try Ice Cream: Willy Wonka

Big Chill Cakery

Everything that Big Chill touches, turns to gold—cafe or cakery! Find the ice creams we know and love in the creamiest flavours. You can't really go wrong with this one. 

Price: Starting at INR 300

Must-Try Ice Cream: Salted Caramel Ice cream

Baskin Robbins

They entered India in 1993 and now offer delicious ice creams in 190 cities with over 700+ stores—Baskin Robbins had to make it to the list. This is also the place for some amazing ice cream cakes, if you love red velvet, try their red velvet ice cream cake—we ordered while we were typing this out. 

Price: Starting at INR 80

Must-Try Ice Cream: Bavarian Chocolate

Artiste - Handcrafted Ice Cream

An artisanal ice cream house that's looking to change the way ice cream is ‘created’ and experienced. Artiste's ice creams are handcrafted from honey and jaggery (that's ZERO processed sugar y'all!), 100% fresh cow milk, and fresh and natural fruits. 

Price: Starting at INR 85

Must-Try Ice Cream: Chocolate fudge brownie ice cream

Shake Square

We know and love this OG place in Connaught Place. Find them right at the corner of Wengers; old souls might know them by the name of Keventers—serving creamy big chunks of ice cream on hot days. Not only that, but you can also find quick bites like fries, pasta and momo! 

Price: Starting at INR 50

Must-Try Ice cream: Butterscotch


Want to go big on ice creams while keeping your diet in check? Head over to this list of places that deliver delicious and healthy vegan ice creams. Or better yet, how about you churn your own Cold Brew Ice Creams and Sorbets?


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