5 Ice Creams In Delhi You Should Try Before Summer Ends

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It’s nearly 40 degrees out! Even though it feels like you’re basically baking in the heat, there are a few good things about summer in Delhi– swimming at your local club or community center,  eating fresh litchis and mangoes, buying shorts and flip flops – to name a few. But most importantly – ice cream.

This Sunday, I went on an ice cream binge to some of my favourite spots that I love to hit up when I’m feeling particularly hot and sweaty {read: Every single day of summer}. Here goes…

Citrus Sour Cream Ice Cream At Bhane

I didn’t know Bhane did ice cream till I explored Instagram long enough! Turns out, not only does Bhane have a really nice café upstairs  at their Meherchand Market store, but they also have some of the most innovative ice cream! Strawberry Goat cheese is one of my favourites but this time, I tried the Citrus Sour Cream, which was incredible!

Orange Bar And Magnum At India Gate

Ice cream at India Gate is partly delicious, partly nostalgia – in other words, an amazing combination!

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream At The Big Chill

Big Chill is ice cream Paradise and making a decision is always a tough task! I love the Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream at Big Chill Cakery but their Lemon Frozen Yogurt, Salted Caramel, Mint Oreo and Cookie Dough ice cream are equally delicious! Maybe order all?

Organic Cocoa & Espresso From Minus 30

Boasting of intense chocolate and strong brewed espresso – this ice cream hit the spot! Minus 30 delivers on order, so be sure to contact them in advance for some delicious, freshly churned Ice cream, gelato and sorbets.


Gayatri Sakhuja is a dessert blogger and founder of thedessertproject.in. She's also enthusiastic about dogs technology and books!