Make The Hottest Summer Days Cooler With Iced Tea From These City Spots

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We like our tea like we like our whiskey: On the rocks. But we also like it flavoured with all things sugar and spice. Here’s a list of places we usually head to when our throats are parched.

The Big Chill

The Big Chill has been doing iced tea right for over a decade: They freshly brew the tea and infuse it with flavours. We like the lemon one the most, but the peach is quite peachy too. Wondering what to pair your glass with? Read about our favourite dishes here.

Price: INR 210 (approximately)

Chai Point

They’ve got a pretty good selection of both hot and cold teas. This season, we’re visiting them for their sweet cranberry iced tea and spiced mango iced tea. Pair it with a samosa or a burger for an excellent evening snack.

Price: Starting at INR 109

Ivy And Bean

Ivy and Bean is one of our favourite places in Shahpur Jat for some baked pasta and, yes you guessed it, a glass of iced tea. We’re partial to their Ginger Mint Thai Basil and Mango Basilica and love that they’re not excessively sweet, as iced tea sometimes tends to be. On a health spree? Ask for a green tea version of any of the flavours.

Price: INR 170

T’Pot Cafe

T’Pot Cafe sells its iced tea by the pot, and they’re spoiling us with variety. We like the strawberry on a regular day and the hibiscus when we’re in dire need of a pick me up. They also do a chilled masala chai we’ve heard good things about.

Price: Starting at INR 93

Cha Bar

Sometimes we have to really choose between reading the books at Oxford and the menu at Cha Bar, and oftentimes, the latter wins. We love the Blackberry Iced Tea here, and the menu rightly tells you that this wonky combination would be best served at Mad Hatter’s tea party. We also have our sights set on the Mixed Fruit and Strawberry infusions as well as the Iced Tea Soda.

Price: INR 120

Smoke House Deli

We have a soft corner for the herb and fruit infused iced teas at Smokehouse Deli. While the Apple and Rosemary tends to be watered down, the Cardamom and Cinnamon is a sure winner. Get those coolers and get down to business with the mains.

Price: Starting at INR 250


Well, anyone who has tried the iced tea here will tell you what a novelty it is to drink out of a miniature bathtub. Notwithstanding that, this Peach Iced Tea is slightly on the sweeter side, but will last you an entire evening (it's a lot!)

Price: INR 210

Too Mikkii Tapas

This cute little joint in Chanakyapuri is perfect for breezy and rainy days. They serve ice teas in various fruity flavours such as blueberry, kachi keri and green apple.

Price: INR 145

United Coffee House Rewind

United Coffee House Rewind is a great place to go if you are looking for an extraordinary menu. Their ice tea is the perfect accompaniment to their fresh take on regular 'ghar ka khana'. 

Price: Starting at INR 189

Social Street Cafe

Champa Gali has our heart because of all its cute and aesthetic cafes. Check out Social Street Cafe for ice tea, bruschettas, burgers and quesadillas. Basically a continental meal to make your day.

Price: INR 120

Morellos - (Mess)Merising Shakes

Another one from Champa Gali, this place is mostly famous for its freakshakes and milkshakes. For all Potterheads out there they also bring butter beer to the muggle world. But if freakshakes is not your thing, go for their ice tea or cold coffee.

Price: Starting at INR 100


Chaayos never disappoints, whether it is their hot tea or ice tea. They also have a extensive menu for snacks to make it a perfect combination for long days.

Price: Starting at INR 150

The Tea Room From Blossom Kochhar

If you want to take your book out for a date, the tea room is the place for you. Its cosy ambience and cool ice tea options would not make you want to leave.

Price: Starting at INR 95

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

You can take your work here while you sip on some hot coffee or ice tea (they have a Swedish berry flavour!) Or you can nibble on their baked items such as cakes, croissants and muffins.

Price: Starting at INR 200

Elma's Bakery, Bar And Kitchen

One of the smaller and quieter places at HKV, this cafe is not only Instagram-worthy but also worthy enough to be added to your bucket list. Their ice tea options come in flavours that are extracted from fruits and flowers. 

Price: Starting at INR 200

Woodbox Cafe

Woodbox keeps coming up with cool stuff like flying noodles, herbivores/carnivores platter and love bowls. Their ice tea goes perfectly well with pretty much all the yummy options on their menu.

Price: Starting at INR 140

Ama Cafe

While they have limited options for ice tea, their menu boasts of a range of coffee, tea and shakes which is just a fraction of their menu. The ice tea options they do offer however, are epic too.

PS: Don't leave without trying their pancakes.

Price: Starting at INR 80

Jugmug Thela

We of course think that this place doesn't need any introduction. Jugmug Thela located in Saket undoubtedly serves really good teas (hot or cold). Make sure to take your book or your friends along and for sure, you are going to have the best time.

Price: Starting at INR 120


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