Kakori, Galouti & Seekh: Find The Juiciest Kebabs In Delhi Here

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We asked Anubhav Sapra—the expert behind Delhi Food Walks—to weigh in on the top authentic kebab joints in Delhi, and he even told us exactly what to order.

Bhaijaan Kababs

This one only opens its doors at 4.30pm, so don’t make lunch plans. Affectionately named after the owner’s fathers’s nickname, no one does a mean shammi kebab quite like Bhaijaan does.

Lalu Kebabee

Famous for Boti Kebab, they have a seekh that needs to be appreciated by one and all. With a soft centre and a crispy outside, the only thing that gives it that extra punch is the smear of butter that goes with it. BRB, going to Lalu’s.

Ustad Moinuddin Kebabs

For melt in your mouth seekh kebabs, Ustad Moinuddin works his magic, evident in his perfectly spiced, fatted, minced meat. These kebabs are served with onion rings, lemon and chutney. This place is also known as Sangam Biryani since Ustad Moinuddin’s son sells yummy biryani in the daytime.

Kit Care Kebab Corner

With seekh kebabs to die for, this is a standalone joint that serves Mughlai food to the rich and famous! Mohd. Abbas, the owner, has catered for Bill Clinton and for parliamentary conferences. We hope that you get a bit of history while you gobble up these sumptuous kebabs (with the green chutney of course).

Qureshi Kabab Corner

A hole-in-the-wall establishment, they churn out the best mutton, chicken and buff seekh kebabs in the business.

Alkakori Alkauser

Evergreen for their kakoris, their outdoor seating, and the many imported liquor stores around it, Al Kauser will make it to any and every kebab list. Blame it on the consistent melt-in-your-mouth kebabs, the perfect amount of spice, and the choice of it as a roll.

P.S., they also deliver to certain areas if you're looking to order in. 


An iconic establishment, rumour has it that the Jama Masjid outlet offers the best kebabs. What we recommend? The mutton seekh kebabs. For a more comfortable, convenient and clean experience, try the Karim’s at India Islamic Centre.

Babu Bhai Kebab Wale

Founded before 1947 and known for dora and sutli kebabs, Babu Bhai Kebabwale is your spot for some buttery, soft fare. These kebabs are so creamy and soft that they have to be held together by thread. They also do a smashing gola kebab.

Ghalib Kebab Corner

Equipped to seat ten people or so, seems like they utilise all their resources in perfecting the mutton shammi kebab. So much so, that they seem to sell out early in the evening. Also, bear with the staff if they seem hurried or rude; we suggest you don’t rile them up too much. You probably won’t have the time, those shammi kebabs are solid.

P.S., they also deliver to certain areas if you're looking to order in. 


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Disclaimer: Please note that some of the places mentioned above open in the evening. While they are all operational at the moment, we'd recommend calling them to check before going out. Make sure you follow all safety precautions like practising social distancing and wearing a mask before heading out. 


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