Eat The Best Of Korean Food At These 5 Spots In The City


    The popularity of Korean food has finally picked up, and with a boom in restaurants around town, the Korean dining scene is expected to get even better in the near future. If you are a fan of their rice, meat and vegetable-based cuisine, or maybe just curious about how the food sounds, here is a list of Korean restaurants you can visit in Delhi.

    Gung The Palace

    Gung The Palace

    Green Park, Delhi

    Gung The Palace offers patrons an authentic Korean experience, with delicious food, traditional seating and a serene ambience. We cannot stress enough that Gung attempts to stay as true to traditional Korean cooking as possible. Korean cuisine favours sweet and savoury flavors side-by-side and the combination can be difficult for the Indian palate to enjoy. However, if you are a foodie, or an adventurous eater, then Gung is one of the best Korean places in the city.

    What to order: Donkkaseu Omeurice, Nakji Jeongol.

    Price: INR 3,000 for two people.

    The Shim Tur

    With food that is easy on the stomach and on the pocket, The Shim Tur a great place to expand your knowledge of Korean cuisine beyond kimchi. For newbies, their kimbap or the Korean version of the sushi roll, is a good place to start. Among the meat and rice combos, the O-jing Oh Dup Bop or squid in spicy sauce stands out with its unique flavour. You should also try the authentic beer and Soju here.

    What to order: Jea Yook Dup Bop, Tuk Bok Ki.

    Price: INR 600 for two people.

    Café At Korean Cultural Centre

    The cafe at Korean Cultural Center is a perfect place to try authentic Korean cuisine. Seating options here are plenty, so you can get your friends here and just chill over some kimbaps. They have organic coffee, latte options and a must-try is a lavender sweet potato beverage! You have to try the authentic fried chicken, gimbaps and ramyeon here.

    What to order:  Bulgogi Deopbab, Bi Bim Bab

    Price: INR 800 for two.

    Restaurant De Seoul

    Restaurant De Seoul has a lot of variety on their menu and they offer dual dining spaces. We have heard good things about their service, ambience, and food. Although it's priced on the higher side, we think this spot is worth a try.

    What to order: Bosingtang, Nae Jang Tang

    Price: INR 2,500 for two.

    Busan Korean Restaurant

    Busan, a Korean Restaurant offers some amazing food with an amazing ambience. You'll also be able to fill your belly without causing much damage to your bank balance. They have a really authentic setup with lowered tables and chairs. Do visit this place for all your Korean food cravings.

    What to order: Haemul Pa Jeon, So Kalbi Jim.

    Price: INR 900 for two.