#LBBBestOf: LIITs In The City

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It involves rum, vodka, gin, {usually} a sweet and sour mix, and cola. However, we’ve seen people get creative with it and create renditions involving alternate alcohol mixes, as well as juices, syrups and fruit. And whenever we’re seeking a serious alcohol buzz, it tops our list.

If you hadn’t guessed already, we’re talking about the Long Island Iced Tea, and telling you where in Delhi you should head for a cool glass.


Social serves its LIIT in super-tall glasses that almost look like vases. Choose from their Classic {vodka + gin + tequila + rum}, Electric {with blue curacao in addition to the usual ingredients} and Toxic {also contains apple and cranberry juice} LIITs. These are all available in 500 ml or one litre options, and from experience, we can say one’s enough to put you in a happy mood.


When you’re not busy indulging in the Caramel Popcorn Martini or the Singapore Sling at Harry’s, go old-school with the LIIT; you won’t be disappointed. Pair it with the fried calamari for best results.


PCO’s always excited us with its whole “secret password” charade and hidden, underground scene. And they also happen to have one of the best mixologists in town. Their LIIT, as expected, is top-notch, but we’d also recommend trying their vodka-based fresh fruit cocktails {if you still have it in you to keep guzzling post your LIIT}.


Raasta is still going somewhat strong when it comes to the live music scene and thankfully, it isn’t lagging behind on cocktails either. You can have your LIIT the traditional way with five spirits, or you could opt for the Electric Iced Tea, with vodka, gin, tequila, triple sec, dark rum and whisky. Just make sure you don’t have work early morning the next day?

Farzi Cafe

Much like everything else Farzi Cafe does, the LIIT is also a spectacle. Called the Long Island Iced Tea on Fire, we’re sure you have a fair idea of what you’re going to be getting. Be warned, it’s super potent and the flavours hit you instantly.


Chili’s is famous for its Presidente Margarita, and while that would be our top choice for recommendations here at any given time, the LIIT here is worth trying too. What we love about Chili’s is their equal emphasis on food and drinks. So order your choice of poison and pair it with a Tex-Mex bowl or a set of baby back ribs. Mmm!

Lord Of The Drinks

Lord of the Drinks sure takes its cocktails seriously. All the regular drinks are available in a bunch of flavours here, and the LIIT is no exception. Choose from the Classic LIIT or Adam’s LIIT, Tropical, Rouge or Power Stroke. We’d recommend having a little conversation with the bartender in order to figure out which one works for you the best.


Molecule has already won our hearts with their mushroom cappuccino, and we’re happy to say their cocktails are invoking similar reactions. Their Jamun and Kala Khatta LIIT is a refreshing change from the usual, and a must-have for all those who like their drinks slightly tangy.


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