Rum, Tequila & Everything Nice: Head To These 7 Spots For Yummy, But Deadly, LIITs

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When you can’t pick a poison, chuck them all in a tall glass, top it up with some Coke or Red Bull and drink up for a memorable weekend {if you did it right, the memories should be quite hazy}. Presenting the mighty LIIT – good times and bad decisions rolled into one monster cocktail.

We did the hard work {trust us} and picked 9 places in Gurgaon that do a good job of masking how potent their LIITs are because they’re so goddamn delicious!

Cyber Hub Social

Not just an LIIT, but the longest LIIT in town, Social lets you pick between classic, electric and straight up toxic.  These Blue curaçao and red bull or apple and cranberry juice based cocktails are what you order when you’ve promised your friend you’ll have “just one drink”. So sneaky.

Molecule Bar

Molecule does some really special LIITs. The Bull Frog has blue curaçao and red bull, while The Elixir, which is sweet and sour, has apple juice, orange juice and cranberry juice. The piece de resistance of their LIIT menu, however, is the India special Kala Khatta! Just one of these and you can rest assured that it will be a blurry night.

Sutra Gastropub

Changing directions of the classic Long Island Iced Tea, Sutra takes you to Long Beach, Long Boston and Long Irish by substituting Coke with Cranberry Juice, or adding whiskey, vermouth and dark rum{even Irish Whiskey} instead of  the standard rum and tequila. After touring the world one glass at a time, lets hope you make it home too.


Imperfecto takes on the classic LIIT by adding blue curaçao and red bull and calling it the Confession LIIT, which is what we suppose you’ll be doing after drinking it. If you don’t want that, the Deft Donkey LIIT mixes wild passion {we’re assuming they’re referring to the fruit} and cranberry juice.

Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy

Known for its stellar cocktails, this speakeasy suggests you give your preference of alcohol and flavour and just trust the bartender, but they also make a killer classic LIIT. If you really want this to be a weekend you don’t remember{we don’t know your reasons but there’s no judgement here}, chase the LIIT with a boozy dark chocolate cupcake!


If you want to escape the world and live in the middle of nowhere, this is your spot. With their strong LIITs in your hand, you will pretty much zone out into a space of your own. Sit on their terrace, kick back and enjoy your weekend.


The LIITs at Raasta will take you to another level, after you select whether you want to be classic or electric. With dark rum and whiskey, they kick the standard LIIT up a notch so that you can kick your boring week up a notch. With a great ambience and music, this should be your go-to spot to chill out.


Chronic oversized t-shirt wearer and unapologetic pundamentalist, Vatsala Peshawaria often cannot resist food long enough to take a picture.