Head To These 7 Music Stores For Jam Sessions, Classes & To Buy Instruments

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Sometimes, listening to good music just doesn’t cut it. You just have that incessant urge to create your own tunes and a maddening drive to hit those drums. If you’re just undertaking your musical journey and need to buy your first instrument to start off your rockstar dreams, these music stores in town are all you need.


Guitarist, pianist, or DJ, Furtados has got your back no matter what you’re aspiring to be. They have a huge collection of instruments, music equipment, and DJ gear you’d be confused out of your head to choose from. The staff is knowledgeable and will give you a guiding hand.

Delhi Sound Store

The all-in-one music shop has all the instruments from all the leading brands you’d need to start the band you’ve always wanted to. Apart from all the hardware, they also have a studio that you can rent out to mix those beats and get your track finished for the weekend. They also provide professional mixing and mastering services if you’re looking to go pro.

Raj Musicals

Run by expert musicians who know their instruments, Raj Musicals will guide you in picking out the perfect piece and will even show you how to play your favourite instrument if you’re a beginner. They’ve also made their name with their excellent post-sales service. Broken guitar string? Incomplete drum-set? They fix everything. With the widest variety of instruments, plenty of accessories to choose from, and the colourful store set-up, Raj Musical is a hit.

Bina Enterprises

Maybe you want a complete drum-set, a MIDI controller, or maybe a handmade harmonium is more up your alley? These folks have got it all. They offer their own range of ‘Bina’ branded products. Parking might be an issue, so the Delhi metro’s your best friend for this visit here.

Rhythm Divine

Holding up the standards as any great music store does, this place offers a wide range of musical instruments and accessories. They also have season teachers on board and provide professional music courses, teaching how to play various instruments.

7th Chord Musicals

If you’ve got a thrashed guitar {perhaps from a performance too passionate?} or a broken keyboard, 7th Chord’s in-house repair centre will give you back your almost dead piece of instrument with a new life in it. They’ll even offer same day repair services sometimes, so if you’ve got an urgent gig coming up, head here. Oh, and of course, their collection of instruments on offer is massive!

Tarana Musical Instrument Store

You’ll usually find this store full of enthusiastic musicians and happy customers on their repeat visits. The staff is highly trained and retain expert knowledge of most of the instruments. You’ll also find a humble shop owner with years of musical experience. The variety of instruments and accessories offered here might have you scratching your head.


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