These Are Our Favourite Pakora Places For A Rainy Day Binge

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Monsoons in Delhi aren’t really the most enjoyable, but then as Delhiites, we know how to turn that around, right? A pakora and chai combo can fix those monsoon blues right up. So, check out these pakorawalas in Delhi if you haven’t already (you can thank us later!).

PS. If you're a Gurgaon dweller, we have a list for you as well. Check it out here

Khandani Pakodewala

Always crowded, this place makes crazy sales throughout the day. What makes it so popular? The sheer variety of pakoras, and all of them prepared hot for you. Be sure to try out the gobhi and pyaaz pakoras (we love the paneer ones too).

New Vishal Corner

If you want more out of Nehru Place than just Epicuria and all its fancy food, head to this place. The pakoras don’t feel too oily, and are just as delicious as any of the other places on this list.

Paramjeet Fish Pakodewala

No one does fish pakoras better than this place. Sole, Surmai, Sungara; you name it, and they have it. The pakoras taste great, and so does the amazing mint chutney they serve with them.

Vinod Snacks, Central Market

 This small pakora shop is so popular that this entire corner of the Lajpat Nagar market is known as Pakode Wali Gali (ask any vendor and they’ll point you to it). Take your pick from their aloo, palak, paneer, pyaaz, mirchi and gobi pakoras (we can vouch for them all).

Ganesh Restaurant

This gem in Karol Bagh serves egg pakoras that are cooked (read; fried) to perfection and served with onions and mint chutney that balance the taste well. Read more about the place here.

Gandhiji Pakode Wale

You’ll love the crunchiness of their pakoras which are available in ample variety (from plain, bread, paneer, gobi to aloo, they’ve got them all). This place serves them by the kilogram, and you can read more about them here.

Triveni Terrace Cafe

A beautiful open-air space, steaming filter coffee, and of course, a plate of delish assorted pakoras and we’re sure you’ll never want to leave this place.

Pakode Ki Dukaan

A Karol Bagh favourite, this place has pakoras starting at INR 7! You'll generally witness people lined up for the pakoras and we hear the chutney is out of this world.

Jaipur Namkeen Bhandar

When in Daryaganj, don't miss out on Jaipur Namkeen Bhandar. They serve a ton of yummy pakoras with a delicious, and spicy aloo ki subzi,  which adds to the charm of it.

Ghaseeta Pehalwan Pakodewala

On the Tiraha junction of Gali Parathewali, Nai Sadak, and Kinari Bazaar, there's a tiny pakora stall (also commonly known as Rajesh Pakodewala) that witnesses flocks of people gathered around to try their famous Kalmi Vada Pakoda, which is probably the second most popular (and not half as overrated) street food on the block.

Senor Dhan Singh

If you haven’t already heard of this gem in Yusuf Sarai, now is the perfect time to check it out. It doesn’t just offer delicious bread pakoras, but is also known for its jalebis.

Sitaram Pakodewala

This Lajpat Nagar outlet has had people coming back for seconds for years! People swear by their palak ke pakode, but we've heard that their poori aloo is quite nice too.

Pakora Stall Opposite Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

Opposite to the back gate of Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, there's a pakora stall that does all kind of pakoras, and the best part is that it stays open 24x7. You know where to head the next time you're craving bread pakoras at 3 AM.


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