Are Golgappas Your Weakness? These 6 Spots Should Be On Your Must-Try List

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You say puchka I say golgappa…There is little else that gives one the joy of eating pani puri in all its messy glory, roadside in true Bollywood style! It crosses the state borders spreading joy across the country in different forms with different names {insert dreamy wonder}. So don’t delay and feed your building temptation at some of our favourite golgappa vendors in the city!

Rasili Chaat

Hidden away in Central market, Vasant Kunj, this is one of our top recommendations! The pani puri here is sweet and spicy and wonderful all at the same time. After some heavy-on-the-pocket shopping head on over here for inexpensive guilty pleasure.

Prabhu Chaat Bhandaar

This is a city favourite that attracts hungry souls from all over the city. In front of the UPSC building, the golgappas here are a hot attraction and only available for a few hours before they’re sold out! So hurry on over for some mouth-watering chaat to Khan Market.

Prince Chaat Corner

GK’s M Block market is a gem that has provisions for every need of yours, and pani puri is one of them. At Prince Chaat Corner you will usually find salivating shoppers waiting patiently for Delhi’s favourite chaat. Furthermore, if your need for spice is not satisfied after finishing the leftover spicy water, have some absolutely delicious momos from the momo vendor adjoining the shop!

Chhotey Lal Caterers

Got a weak stomach and want to play it safe? Chhotey Lal Caterers will provide your pani-puri fix! With its clean fresh water, the stall gives you some delicious pani-puri with no threat of dysentery. So when up north head to Chhotey Lal Caterers of those pani-puri cravings.

Ashok Chaat Corner

Right next to the metro station, this chaat corner is a local favourite. With the help of CCTV cameras and extra help they barely manage the huge crowd we found here in the middle of Wednesday afternoon! So beat the heat with cool golgappa pani and crispy golagappas at Ashok Chaat Bhandaar.

Padam Chaat Corner

No list of street food is complete without a trip to Chandni Chowk so we bring back to you Padam Chaat Corner. Right up next to those world famous paranthas is this golgappa vendor handing out pani-puri better than any sweets around. So find this gem hidden in the galis of our most frequented Old Delhi haunt and treat yourself to extra spicy, lip-smacking golgappas!


Ask for a dahi puchka for the last taste and quench the fire built in your throat by the spicy water!

Your favourite not on the list? Tell us all about it here!