Spritz This: Check Out The Best Monsoon Perfumes For The Season

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One thing you don’t need during monsoon is heavy-feeling perfumes; coupled with humidity (yuck), strong perfumes feel suffocating and unpleasant, not just for yourself but also people around you. That’s why you need easy breezy perfumes to get you through heavy rains and to make things easier for you, here’s our list of the top 8 perfumes you can get online! 

Bombay Perfumery: Seven Islands

Seven Islands, EDP, Fruity Marine Fragrance For Women

If beaches had to be assigned a specific scent, it would be this one. Seven Islands has an aquatic base note that makes it feel like that moment right after a wave comes in and the citrus-y presence makes it light and fresh, a great pick for daily wear.

Price: INR 4,000 for 100 ml

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Super Smelly: Wildchild

Wildchild - Super Smelly Zero Toxin Pocket Perfume For Girls

Wildchild - Super Smelly Zero Toxin Pocket Perfume For Girls

Contrary to its name, Super Smelly’s fragrances actually smell super good. Wildchild’s scent is all things fruity and fun; if you need a pick-me-up, it’s a great perfume with notes of coconut, cotton candy, pineapple and more. Plus, it’s all natural and comes in a super convenient pocket-sized container.

Price: INR 100 for 20 ml

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Gucci: Bloom Acqua di Fiori

Women Gucci Bloom Acqua Di Fiori Eau De Toilette

With rain comes flowers and that’s why we love Gucci’s Bloom for monsoon. It’s such a nice complementary scent to add some freshness and youthful vibe to the gloomy feeling weather. It’s definitely pricey so it’s best to save for special occasions. 

Price: INR 6,750 for 50 ml

First Water Solutions: Solid Perfume Citrus Flower

Solid Perfume Citrus Flower

This subtly sweet solid perfume is basically what we imagine smelling like if we took a bath in a tub filled with fresh flowers (side note: we may also be in a need of a spa day.) We love the addition of citrus in it which cuts the sweetness and stops it from being overwhelmingly sweet. Plus, the packaging is spill-proof in case you can be clumsy.

Price: INR 499 for 5 ml

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Fragrance & Beyond: Escape

Escape Perfume For Women

Escape Perfume For Women


When all you want is an escape from the sticky, humid side of monsoon (getting a bit literal here), Escape by Fragrance & Beyond can help, via your nose that is. It's got a zesty mandarin base with notes of rose and musk, and it feels super fresh and will make you forget all about humidity (gross!)

Price: INR 1,499 for 80 ml

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Naso Profumi: Mint Infused In Rose & Lemon Perfume

Mint Infused In Rose & Lemon Perfume - 100ml

Mint Infused In Rose & Lemon Perfume - 100ml


Here's one to save for special days and occasions, this artisan perfume is pricey but it also lasts a long, long time. Mint, rose and lemon put together is basically the freshest you could feel, just like how I imagine you'd feel after watching a heavy downpour. Plus, it'll look awesome atop your vanity.

Price: INR 5,100 for 100 ml

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Homemade By Nina: Lavender Deodorant

Lavender Deodorant- 50gm

Lavender Deodorant- 50gm


If you're all about everything natural, there's nothing more organic than a homemade deodorant. This lavender one is a great way to smell fresh all day long without feeling weighed down by the stickiness in your perfume or the air. 

Price: INR 500 for 50 g

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A trick to make your perfume last even longer is applying a little bit of Vaseline to your wrist before spraying your fragrance to lock it in. 


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