These Are Our Favourite Pizza Places In Town

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There are few foods that come close to pizza, but you already knew this. And we’re not talking fast, mass-produced, factory manufactured pizzas; we’re talking the real thing. Thin crusts, thought-out toppings, wood-fired ovens and finely-kneaded dough. We asked around, ate around, and came up with our top 20 picks for the best pizza in Delhi.

Pizza Fungi Misti at Sevilla, Claridges

Lightly painted with truffle oil, this vegetarian delight stars fresh tomato, buffalo mozzarella and two types of mushrooms – button and porcini (ergo the name). Baked to perfection in their wood-fire ovens, this one has easily won over our hearts.

Provenzale at Caffe Tonino

A treat for vegetarians! This pizza has generous amounts of mushrooms, olives, bell peppers and mozzarella cheese . And their crust? Warm, soft and a perfect balance between crispy and chewy.

Galleria Special at Instapizza

With its ‘one price, unlimited toppings’ philosophy, we knew this one would be insta-love. We’re loving the Galleria Special with fresh garlic, jalapeno peppers and sundried tomatoes on their not-too-thin, not-too-thick crust. Perfect for take-out.

Calabrese at Pizza Express

For people who love their veggies as much as they love their meats, this one’s got it just right. Italian and spicy sausage, with jalapenos and red and yellow peppers, flavoured with emilgrana, baby mozzarella, pesto and oregano. Not too heavy, with just the right amount of cheese, and flavours in abundance!

Mushroom & Feta at Diggin'

Wholesome goodness on a thin, crunchy crust, say hello to Diggin’s lip-smacking mushroom and feta pizza, with thinly-sliced mushrooms and spinach leaves bringing in the freshness quotient. Of course, feta adds just the right amount of taste to the whole arrangement.

Home Style at Wimpy's

Remember those times when your mum decided to surprise you with some home-crafted Italian goodness? Wimpy’s does a pretty on point version of that very pizza. Think of the basics – onions, cheese and capsicum, with a choice of either mushrooms, lamb or chicken. And they’ve got three sizes – 7in, 10in and 14in, so you can pick as per the size of your hunger. Just don't go in expecting anything gourmet. 

Pepperoni at Summer House Cafe

There’s something to be said about the spot pizza hits when alcohol is involved. And this one does just that. Perfect grease, oil and pepperoni levels, for when hungrier strikes mid-drinking binge.

Pizza Marinara at Prego, The Westin Gurgaon

That it’ll be full of five-star kitchen goodness is a given. But seafood with a thick tomato sauce, garlic, and kalamata olives on superbly baked crust? Yup. We’re in.

La Bomba at NYC Pie

Fondly referred to as the vegan’s nightmare, this one is a meat overload. They’ve got pepperoni, black ham, Spanish chorizo and spicy Italian sausage. What we love is that they do four varieties of bases – from a regular to a whole wheat, as well as a garlic and a herb one. LBB tip: NYC Pie has also got a host of vegetarian options worth checking out – we recommend the Jamaican Heights.

Jugalbandi at Nirulas

You can never go wrong when it comes to meat; lots of it at that; and when there’s years of quality and a dash of nostalgia thrown in- well, that’s just near perfect. This oldie but goodie features mutton salami and sausage.

The Broadway (Four Cheese) Fat Lulu's

With its wood-fired goodness, we love the unusual toppings like fresh grapes or peanuts or seafood marinara, but it’s that darn four cheese — with mozzarella, gorgonzola, fontina and ricotta — we keep going back for!

No Cheese Pizza at Olive, One Style Mile

This is perfect for all you calorie-counters out there. Italian plum tomatoes, an assortment of greens, pesto, lightly drizzled with just the right amount of extra virgin olive oil. Flavour, without all the fat. Winner.

Napoli Pizza at Baking Bad

If you ask 10 people what their favourite pizza joint is, we're pretty sure 7 of them will say it's Baking Bad. The crust is a perfect balance between chewy and thin, no wonder it keeps people coming back for more. We say you give their artisan Napoli pizza a try.

Indiana Jones at Big Fat Pizza

Fans of deep dish, this one is the perfect place to hit up for some cheesy, gooey, goodness. We highly recommend the 'Indiana Jones', which comes with generous toppings of spinach and ricotta, and their delicious marinara sauce.

Make Your Own Pizza at Wenger's

This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning this childhood fave that is still going strong. Their pizza is easily the most underrated thing on their menu, and is nostalgia served in the form of pie. Best part? You can make your own pizza with their options of toppings. The best kind of throwback!

Pork Calabrian Pizza at Evoo

If you're someone who likes thin and airy, fresh, wood-fired crusts, with generous toppings that come together to make the final product a beautiful and delightful treat, try Evoo. There's a reason why people swear by it.

Classic Pepperoni and Margherita at Leo's

Leo’s doesn’t have a huge list of options to choose from and if you ask us, that’s a mark of a good place; They do limited eats but do them pretty darn well. Our faves? Classic Pepperoni (obviously) and surprisingly, the good ol’ Margherita; the perfect combination of cheese, basil and tomato.

P.S. It’s a dog-friendly space and has board games too. 

Spicy Italian Sausage Pizza at Amici Cafe

An old fave, Amici will always have a special place in our heart. The cafe was one of the first to bring the concept of authentic, thin crust pizza to the city, and is still one of the best ones to hit up for a good thin-crust fix. 


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