For those of us who like to experiment with our Maggi, we mapped a trail through town to put together a list of the best places that serve some off-the-hook variations.

Billu’s Food Hut 

Apart from serving experimental renditions like Tandoori Paneer Tikka Maggi, Schezwan Sauce Maggi and Chilli Chaap Maggi, this pocket-friendly joint also serves some great pasta in white sauce and grills.


Tom Uncle’s Maggi


Photo source: TOM Uncle Maggi Point

This legendary Maggi joint in Delhi University has been serving delightful preparations for almost three decades. Their most popular items include Special Masala Maggi, Cheese Masala Maggi and Butter Masala Maggi.


Big Yellow Door

This popular restaurant also serves Maggi, along with its famous burgers and nachos. One can enjoy it with vegetables as well as Masala Maggi Chicken. They have four outlets, now!


Café 6 

This well-stocked café in Hauz Khas is pocket-friendly, with many items on the list to team with their vegetable and chicken Maggi.

Maggi Walker

Chilli Maggi, Butter Chicken Maggi and even a Salami Maggi; Maggi Walker is worth a long walk to, for their exciting menu.



Photo courtesy: Chaayos

Another place putting a new spin on Maggi is Chaayos, with their all-new Two Minute Maggi sandwiches full of crunchy vegetables.


Wood Box Café


Image courtesy: Mahima Agarwal

Woodbox Café has gone ahead and combined two of our favourite things: Maggi and pizza. The Masala Maggi Pizza is a concoction involving lots of cheese, veggies and spices.

Featured photo courtesy: Chaayos