Refuel At These Food Stalls When Shopping In Sarojini Nagar

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Shopping is hard work, and we like our retail therapy to include a healthy dose of sugar and spice. Which is why we love Sarojini Nagar so much. Not only can you score bagfuls of clothes and accessories with barely a dent in your bank balance, you can also dig into some delish Delhi street food. We’re telling you where to begin.

Kwic Bitte

One of the few spots in Sarojini which has seating, Kwic Bitte offers south Indian and Indian Chinese. Whereas we’re not mighty impressed with their dosas, their pork steamed momo tell a different story. Slightly bigger than the average momo, these ones are uber juicy and go beautifully with the restaurant’s excellent red chilli sauce.

Khatta Meetha

True to its name, Khatta Meetha serves an array of sweet and sour chaat, pao bhaji, aloo tikki and golgappas. You’ll spot it courtesy a flock of people waiting {not too patiently} for their share of spicy pani golgappa. Needless to say, we joined the queue, chose the atta ones over sooji and proceeded to crunch and sip.

The puri is crunchy {be careful it doesn’t disintegrate in your hands}, the aloo inside, a chatpata affair. The green chutney’s pretty great too and if you feel the heat, get your hands on their matka kulfi.

Evergreen Catering Corner

They serve six-eight dishes from a van window. And if you can look past the guy’s surly expression and attitude, go ahead and get yourself a portion of chole bhature, a portion of pao bhaji and their most popular item, honey chilli potato.

The food is served hot on steel thalis and we’re sure you’ll have no trouble finishing it off in one go. We certainly hope so, because they’re a little iffy about packing leftovers, and asked us to pack our own!

Hot Pot

Since every neighbourhood in Delhi needs a Chinese/fast food van, Sarojini Nagar has Hot Pot. They’ve got the usual honey chilli potato, chilli chicken and chow mein alongside biryani {which is pulao, really}, kathi rolls and chole tikki, pao bhaji and desi burgers.

Sethi Juice Stall

There’s a juice stall every few metres on the outer side of Sarojini Nagar Market but Sethi has somehow become our favourite.

Choose mausambi juice in the summers, and carrot and beetroot juice in winters just to keep yourself hydrated as you hop from one shop to another. The mango lassi is worth a try too.

Shyam Mashoor Chaat Corner

At one end of the market stands Shyam Mashoor Chaat Corner where aloo chaat is the thing to order. Eat it with lots of spicy mint chutney and then wash it all down with a tall glass of fresh anaar juice. Yum.

Kachori Man

We don’t know his name {we’ll ask him next time we go} but next to Shyam Mashoor Chaat stands a man selling hot kachoris and bread pakoras. On a rainy day, this is where you’ll find us, raiding his small stand.

And if none of these work for you or if you fear Delhi belly, you have McDonald’s, Rollmaal and Haldiram’s at DLF South Square Mall next door.


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