Think Quinoa Is Boring? These Snacks And Staples Will Make You Rethink Your Take

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Don't know if it was the pandemic or what but we sure did realise the importance of healthy snacking. And also the fact that we can't always resort to fried potato chips or sugar-laden goodies each time those cravings kicked in. So, we've rounded up a list of the best Quinoa snacks and staples that are anything but boring. These fibrous superfoods are loaded with proteins and won't make you feel bad about munching on them 10 times (or more) a day!

Quinoa And Kiwi Bar-Pack - Sprightly Foods

Quinoa And Kiwi Bar - Pack of 12


Gluten-free, dairy-free and all vegan, this energy bar is just what you'd need between those endless hours spent juggling between a million excel sheets. It's got dates, quinoa flakes, puffed quinoa seeds, dried kiwi, pumpkin seeds, almonds, watermelon seeds and more. They have quite a few interesting flavours that you can check out. As for us, we're trying the Apple Cinnamon bar next. 

Price: INR 576 for a pack of 12 bars

Quinoa Masala Puffs - Evolve Snacks

Quinoa Masala Puff - Pack of 3


As the name suggests, Evolve Snacks does well... evolved snacks as opposed to those age-old unhealthy ones. These roasted quinoa masala puffs are gluten-free and made with quinoa, maize, salt, refined veg oil with a dash of masala flavour. Best part? You wouldn't feel guilty about having more than a packet in one go. 

Price: INR 270 for a pack of 3

Jalapenos Quinoa Chips - Greenland

Jalapenos Quinoa Chips-150gm


However much we try, we can't stop munching on savoury chips. It's almost a staple when it comes to those weekend binge-watch sessions. Precisely why our love for Greenland's gluten-free chips grew by ten folds. And since we're all about Quinoa here, their Jalapenos Quinoa Chips are definitely worth trying. 

Price: INR 130 (150g)

Quinoa and Ragi Flakes (Mint) & Quinoa Jaggery - Khokha

Quinoa and Ragi Flakes (Mint) & Quinoa Jaggery Crunch Mix Combo


Khokha does a bunch of healthy Indian snacks, mouth fresheners, pickles, chutneys and more, that will transport you back in time. This combination has a Quinoa Jaggery Crunch Mix which is made up of quinoa puff, melon seed, pumpkin seed, jaggery and salt. Whereas the Quinoa and Ragi Flakes has roasted quinoa and ragi flakes and a whole bunch of spices and herbs. Sweet and savoury, enjoy a bit of both.

Price: INR 398  

Black Rice & Quinoa Khichdi - Organic Roots

Black Rice & Quinoa Khichdi


Khichdi, as a snack? Sure, why not! Organic Roots does some really amazing ready-to-eat khichdis, upmas and rice. And this Black Rice & Quinoa Khichdi is the best thing to eat when you're looking for healthier alternatives. 

Price: INR 175

Quinoa Puffs Dark Choco Canister - The Green Snack Co.

Quinoa Puffs Dark Choco Canister - 150gm


Anything that's got even the tiniest amount of chocolate is our absolute favourite. The Green Snack Co. is always on our radar for their brilliant, lip-smacking Quinoa puffs but they've taken it up a notch by introducing chocolate ones. However, if you're sceptical about experimenting they have some usual flavours as well like fiery spicy puffs, peppy cheese, zesty kale and a couple more. 

Price: INR 179


If you're heavily into healthy snacking and wish for more options, we've curated the best keto, gluten-free and vegan brands for snacks and staples. Throwing in some of the best flavoured popcorns here too, just in case. 

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