Grab A Meal At One Of These 14 Stellar Restaurants In Noida

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We all have that one restaurant we find ourselves visiting over and over again till we are acquainted with each and every single thing on the menu. We spoke to our Noida friends about their go-to restaurants that remain favourites even in the light of new places cropping up every day. So, if you do find yourself on the other side of the river, here are some places you could visit for a meal.

Burma Burma

Comfortable seating, beautiful decor, and delicious food, that's how we would like to describe Burma Burma. Offering Asian and Burmese cuisine, you need to head here if you are looking to indulge in something different. You can try their Samosa Soup, Tea Leaf Salad, Panfried Rice Dumplings, Burmese Fried Rice, Lemongrass Curry.

Timing: 12.30 to 4.30 PM and 6.30 PM to 10.30 PM

Price: INR 1,800 for two (approx.)

Desi Vibes

The first thing that strikes you here is the décor; inspired by rural India, there’s a generous use of colour, charpai-like bench seating, lots of mirrors and puppets on the wall. The food is predominantly North Indian with the Paneer Makhani and Dal Makhani being the most popular choices.

Timing: 11.30 AM to 11 PM

Price: INR 2,500 for two (approx.)

Lakshmi Coffee House

This is one of the oldest restaurants in Noida and has earned itself a loyal clientele; you’ll see what we mean if you go on a weekend (hoards of people are always waiting outside to get a seat). They serve south Indian fare including crispy dosas, idlis, sambar, and tangy lemon rice.

Timing: 11 AM to 10 PM

Price: INR 500 for two (approx.)


What started as a bakery (with Hazelnut Opera Cake, the Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake, and the Theos Brownies being the highlight) now runs a kitchen for all meals. The Cream of Chicken and Basil Soup, Warm Chicken Salad, Spaghetti Bolognese, Fusilli Alfredo with Mushrooms and Pesto Bread are some of their hottest-selling dishes. With a vast menu of shakes and coolers, Theos really is one of the best options for an Italian or continental meal in Noida.

Timing: 10.15 AM to 10.45 PM

Price: INR 1,800 for two (approx.)

The Big Chill

Of course, this list is certainly incomplete without Big Chill. Located in DLF Mall of India, you cannot leave without trying super famous white sauce pasta, lasagna, and banoffee pie. Also, as is the case with almost all the Big Chill restaurants across the city, you will have to wait to get a table here too (but it will be worth it). 

Timing: 12 PM to 11 PM

Price: INR 2,400 for two (approx.)

Cafe Cones & Curries

Known for its delicious North Indian food, you need to head here if you haven't already. If you are wondering what to eat here, you can try Dal Mughlai, Matar Paneer, and the different breads. In case you are not in a mood to eat North Indian, their pizza and pasta options are a must-try too.

Timing: 12 AM to 4 AM and 4 PM to 12 AM

Price: INR 450 for two (approx.)


If you've been to Mamagoto and haven't tried their Soggy Thai Basil Fried Rice Bowl then, we guess it's time for you to make another trip soon. In case you are not a fried rice fan (which we think is not possible), you can also try their Laksa Tribute, which is their own version of the famous Chinese Malay Laksa with a coconut base, lemongrass, galangal, and red chilies.  

Timing: 12.30 PM to 11.30 PM

Price: INR 1,200 for two (approx.)


Melt is one of the newer additions to Noida, It's a cocktail bar specialising in chocolates! Yes, you heard that right, you'll find lots of chocolate-infused cocktails with modern Indian cuisine—mostly Italian and North Indian food. From the looks of it, the place is huge, they have a beautiful indoor and outdoor seating, which makes you want to visit the place just to see it once. People find the food flavourful and cocktails up to the mark as well.

Timing: 12 PM to 2 AM

Price: INR 2,500 for two (approx.)


For desi fine-dining, as the restaurant calls it, Khatirdari is a good pick. They're obviously serving North Indian and Mughlai cuisine, think buttery naan and creamy dal makhani and mouthwatering butter chicken. The 14-page menu offers so much, and we love that each dish is prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Just like its name, it aims to provide the best Khatirdari with good ambience and spacious seating.

Timing: 9 AM to 11.30 PM

Price: INR 1,300 for two (approx.)

Spezia Bistro

One of the most recognisable eateries in Noida, the Spezia Bistro had its moment on Instagram because of its beautiful flower tree placed right in the middle of the restaurant. Expect to find great cafe food like pizza, pasta, momo, burgers, and fast food. People usually enjoy sushi, dim sum and desserts the most. 

Timings: 12 PM to 11 PM

Price: INR 1,400 for two (approx.)


Personally tried and tested, we can vouch for Karigari when it comes to proper North Indian food. They have really good bread—imagine crispy naans dripping with butter and rich and creamy gravies. The restaurant has ambient lighting and is spread across two floors with ample seating. Multiple reviews suggest that this place is value for money, because the food as well the service is just that good. 

Timings: 12 PM to 1 AM

Price: INR 1,900 for two (approx.)

Roastery Coffee House

Roastery Coffee House is known for all things coffee. You'll find all varieties, from pourovers to cold brews. Now, we've heard that finding a table at this cafe located inside a lovely bungalow can be a task, but we've also heard that it’s worth the wait. They have both indoor and outdoor seating, but we highly suggest grabbing an outdoor seat during pleasant weather for the company of lazy doggos and being surrounded by lush greenery. When it comes to food, some of the popular dishes include zucchini fries, banana bread, bruschetta, and lasagna.

Timings: 8 AM to 11 PM

Price: INR 1,000

Cafe Athyeka

We didn't forget South Indian cuisine! Cafe Athyeka is not only beautiful but also has great food. Their ghee idilli, appam, Mysore masala dosa are a must try. And of course the filter coffee as well. People usually praise the place for their exceptional service, authentic food and ambience. 

Timings: 8 AM to 11 PM

Price: INR 1,000


Masia serves detectable North Indian and Asian food. The staff is great and accommodating if you wish to customise your order. Although slightly on the pricey side, people enjoy and find the quality to be up to the mark for what they are paying. Some of their famous dishes include chicken, vada pav, gunpowder idli, sushi, and crispy lotus stem.

Timings: 12 PM to 11.30 PM

Price: INR 2,000 (approx.)


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