Enjoy Canteen Style Yum Buns & Samosas At This Outlet In Vegas Mall!

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Maska, the name itself sounds so good that it's going to drool you for its food. The place is located in 3rd floor of Vegas mall basically in their food court. This place is quite unique their in terms of its dishes it provides such as canteen Bun Samosa. Everyones favourite here is their Vada Pav. They have quite an extensive menu, and definitely worth to give it a try. Totally loved the concept.

The delivery service again is pretty good and the food was packed really well when it got delivered. I had some part of food outside their in food court only, while some part of it I had as in delivery service. I had their Canteen Bun Samosa, Dahi ke Kebab, Paneer Kulcha, and Dabeli. Believe me, each and every dish is quite heavenly in taste. Totally loved the taste. Even their Kesari Phirni is magnificent. Highly recommended place. Definitely visiting again soon.


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