Chicken, Paneer & Maggi: You Have To Try These Tandoori Momos In Delhi

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There are few people in Delhi who aren’t downright obsessed with momos. And just when you think the juicy steamed bite-sized snack can’t get better, someone goes ahead and throws it in the tandoor. The result? You tell us. After you try each and every tandoori momo from this list.

Hunger Strike

When it comes to momos, we need to start with the most popular. Grilled in the tandoor with yogurt and their famous red chutney, and then topped with coriander leaves and mint chutney {I bet your mouth is already watering}, these momos are ace.


The guys who started the whole tandoori momo trend! Be it South Campus or the North Campus, QD’s ends up becoming a second home for all DU students. The pocket-friendly prices and generous proportions keep people coming back for more, almost every day.

WOW! Momo

They have a bunch of varieties lined up including fish, prawn, paneer, cheese and various vegetables. To top it all of, they  even have a Tandoori Momo Burger {Moburg}. Would you try it?

Chalte Firte Momos

This place serves more than 100 types of momos! And they have about 10 types of tandoori momos. The must try are Tandoori Afghani Momos. Their non-momo dishes are worth a try too.

Momo’s Point

A pocket-friendly place for the college students, this place serves one of the best tandoori momos for the best price.

Variations Momos King

Doing a justice to the name, this place serves about 200 momos, each being one of a kind. The only thing that sets it back is the absence of any non-vegetarian momos. Don’t gasp just yet. Save it for the moment after you’ve tried their onion momos and Maggi momos.


Fresh grilled right out of the tandoor, this place in Satyaniketan shall not disappoint you with the Tandoori momos they have to offer. Just another reason to love Satyaniketan eh?

Giri Momos Centre

Paneer, soya bean, mushroom- we have heard of all these. But mozzarella momos? Now that’s something worth trying out soon. Do remember, this is only a takeaway joint.


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