Getting Inked? These 13 Tattoo Artists Will Create A Masterpiece!

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Tattoos are a way of expressing what you truly believe in and they stay with you forever. For this, we understand it’s imperative to find the right artist, who knows and agrees with your idea and gives life to it. To make your life a lot simpler, we have picked the best tattoo artists that will make your dream come alive, right in front of your eyes.

Shaman Ink

If you're someone who considers tattoos to be a serious business (they are!) and need someone meticulous and trustworthy to ink your skin permanently, then Prashant of Shaman Ink is the guy for the job. Doing justice to his entity name, he approaches tattoos (and jittery tattoo-getters) with a sense of calm and reassurance. He's got his finger on the pulse of the newest skills when it comes to his craft, and takes the entire process, from designing the tattoo to its healing, very seriously. If your tattoo idea flirts with realism, micro-realism, or even covering up a regrettable one from the past, you're in luck because that's his specialty. Seriously, check out some of the cover-ups he's done on his Instagram, they're wild!

Devilz Tattooz

Devilz Tattooz has branches in GK1, Gurgaon, Dwarka, and Luxembourg, and has a talented bunch of tattoo artists at their studios. All the artists are skilled in their own style—realism, detailing, tribal, illustrative and new school, they are equipped to do them all. Artists here do tats that speaks volumes in creativity and perfect detailing. So for unique styles and designs and beautiful improvisations, head here. We recommend you check out the work of Angel Zimik, who sits out of the GK branch, and Pallavi, who sits out of the Dwarka one.

Mo Naga - Headhunters' Ink

Mo Naga, as he is addresses himself, is a tattoo artist from Nagaland. Mo specialises in tribal designs, especially tribal work from the Northeast. He interacts with different tribes hailing from the Northeast and studies the origin of their traditional tattoos and brings them to people to experiment with. His work is quite intense and different. At the moment, Mo travels around the country to tattoo people, and takes bookings in advance. To keep up with his availability, follow his Instagram.

Ali Burrni - Burrnink Studio

Ali has a knack for intricate tattoos. Be it a beautifully woven flower or some dotted work, his work is very clean and fresh. Most of his work revolves around the concept of symmetry and all his tattoos take form from there.

Manjeet Singh - Manjeet Tattooz

Manjeet Tattooz Studio located in West Delhi is creating quite a wave in the emerging tattoo culture in the city. His tattoos are artistic (you should check out his portrait work) and very engaging. He does lovely colourful portraits and faces, and also inks images inspired by Sikh religion. His use of colour is phenomenal and very lively.

Sakshi Vij - Morphology Studio

Sakshi has a tattoo studio in Galleria, Gurgaon. She has an experience of over a decade, specialising in fine-line work, however, you can get any tattoo you like. What we love most is that she's super helpful and makes sure you feel comfortable while getting the tattoo. Additionally, if you have a vague idea, she's more than happy to help you design the tattoo as well. She is usually booked though, so book your appointment in advance!

Ankit Gupta - The Inkboy India

Located in Amar Colony, Ankit Gupta and his team are quite popular when it comes to creating intricate designs. From old-school to modern, they are best at what they do. They have worked with a lot of clients, and they are also pretty famous for their piercings. Bold designs or extremely precise ones, Ankit can bring your vision to life with the utmost finesse.

Suhasini Gour

Suhasini, who works out of her beautiful studio, offers to design your tattoo from scratch if you tell them your idea. So, even if you want something cliched or common, you’ll walk out with a unique design that will reflect your taste. The best part is that they’ll always respect how you visualise your tattoo more than anything else, and try to create something that aligns with that.

Tattoo Villa

There is no particular artist we'd recommend from Tattoo Villa since all the artists associated with the place are really good. Located in Lajpat Nagar, they are really good when it comes to 3D tattoos, fonts, and even abstract art.

Abhishek - N.A. Tattoo Studio

Located in Karol Bagh, this place is good if you are looking to get a portrait inked on your skin. We personally love their landscape tattoos. And the best part is, you can go through their Facebook page and check appointment availability. 

Adi & Ring - Hawk Tattoo

Located in Select CityWalk, this place should definitely be on your list. Adi & Ring from the team will make sure that your journey is smooth and your thoughts are perfectly captured on your skin. 

Mike Cowasji - Mike's Body Art Studio

If you have a concept in mind, and you are confused about where to go, Mike's Body Art Studio located in CR Park can be your option. He is really good when it comes to putting the concept on paper, and on to your skin and does really great customisations. 


The cost of getting inked at these studios depend on the size and style of your tattoo. So, either decide on what you want beforehand or have a chat with these awesome artists and brainstorm.


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