Sisters Before Misters? Here's What You Can Get Your Sister Any Day Of The Year

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We're all for sisterhood, not just on this one day but 365 days a year. And who better to celebrate it with than that one person who is always there for you, no matter how much you piss each other off? We're going to help you zero down on some excellent gifts you can surprise your sisters with. So, forget the sibling rivalry for a change and make the most of this day with your sister(s).

Lezz go!

Divine Smelling Bathing Essentials

Natural Loofah In Orange Oil Soap, Soap Square


Is it just me or is your sister also crazy-obsessed with sweet-smelling (and organic) soap bars? If yes, then this particularly tangy handcrafted soap by Soap Square is something she's definitely going to fall in love with. If not soaps then the brand has got plenty of other vegan, cruelty-free bath and body products that will be definitely be appreciated. 

Price: INR 300 

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Planters For The Plant Mommy

Double Flask Planter, The Artment


This one makes for a meaningful gift. If your sister likes the company of tiny plants, flowers and succulents more than yours (it happens, we get it) then get her this beautiful set of two glass planters from one of my personal favourite brands, The Artment

Price: INR 1,599

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Scented Candles For Her Room

Cinnamon And Vanilla Scented Candle, Rhuhee


We wish to peacefully share a room... said no sibling ever. Gift these little zen beauties and help your sister make her room snug and perfect for those late-night gossip sessions. The best part: these smell divine. 

Price: INR 640

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To Fuel Up Her Coffee Collection

Balur Estate Coffee, Bili Hu


For all the sisters who are killing it at work by burning the midnight oil, Bili Hu's coffees work like magic. And if she happens to be a coffee connoisseur, nothing like it. The Balur Estate coffee has delightful hints of white chocolate and cranberry leaving the palate sweet. 

Price: INR 427

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Cocktail Mixers For Your Bartender Sis

Spiced Grapefruit Tonic Water


But if it's G&T over anything else for your sister, then Sepoy's Indian Tonic Water is going to make for a perfect gift. They've got some other crazy flavours like Hibiscus, Mint, Elderflower and Indian Tonic Water too. These are absolute bangers and a total must-have if your sister loves to play the bartender at your secret house parties. 

Price: INR 570 (Case of 6)

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Some Stationery Too

Calendar, Planner & Jotpad 2021 Combo, Carousel


Carousel's stationery is enough to awaken the stationery hoarder in anyone. The combo consists of a 2021 planner, an adorable calendar with an easel and a 3 x 3 Jotpad. If she hasn't already, this might the right time to replace her old set of planners and calendars with some quirky new ones. 

Price: INR 1,500 

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For The Beauty Queen In Her

Fae Bundle: Buildable Matte Lipsticks, Fae Beauty

There's no such things as too many lipsticks which is exactly why this bundle of joy is a great gift for your sister. But that's not it, Fae Beauty is a vegan, cruelty-free beauty brand that is all for inclusivity. What's not love here? Bonus, she'll stop raiding your collection (lol).

Price: INR 2,600 (sale price, hurry)

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For The Fashionista

Blue Printed A Line Dress


Is she your go-to for outfit approvals or secretly always steal her clothes? Well, here's something chic, stylish and fashionable for your pretty sister.  This minimal blue dress is ideal for brunch, casual coffee plans or office wear even. 

Price: INR 999. 


Now that you're sorted with your sister, how about we get something for Mum too? After all it's the day for women, and how can we forget our supermoms! Oh and you might want to consider getting something for your female boss here.


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