Bhagirath Palace Shops For Vintage Lamps, Fairy Lights & More Starting At INR 50!

    Here’s our pick of seven shops that stood out for everything from steampunk lamps to vintage chandeliers, and from cafe-type exposed filament bulbs to those ever-so-charming strings of fairy lights.

    Make In India

    Our opener, relatively hard-to-miss, was this all mosaic shop – brimming with every possible colour you can imagine. First off, this isn’t in Bhagirath Place, but a good landmark to find it is the huge State Bank Building. They’ve been around for almost 60 years and have mastered the art of using mosaic for everything from mirror frames to wall art to even furniture. Their star product are the Turkish lights that they even export to Turkey.

    If you’re one for colours, these lamps and chandeliers are #goals. Most lights start at INR 1K, and the completely customised mosaic stool can set you back by INR 10K.

    Orient Electric House

    Orient is big, bold and utterly beautiful. One of the few places that takes pride in designing and manufacturing their own lamps and light fixtures in favour of Chinese exports. We bumped into three generations of owners who’ve seen this grow and come into the spotlight over the years. Here, you’ll find jharokhas, mason jars, steampunk machinery, gothic-looking rose-bouquet-style chandeliers over and above quirky pendant lamps and strings of lights stuffed into chemistry lab equipment.

    Check out their crazy designs on their website for a better idea.

    Anil Electric Company

    Anil Electricals

    Chandni Chowk, Kolkata

    Unlike its neighbours, Anil’s is a small establishment, but if you’re looking for spotlights, fall-ceiling bulbs or even that one-off statement lamp, you can stop by. We spotted wooden lights in the shape of triangles (INR 1,200) and even a brass cycle (only at INR 350) that we particularly liked.

    Lakshmi Electric Co.

    Laxmi Electrical

    Chandni Chowk, Delhi

    Our patience was flickering like a 48-year-old tubelight at this point, but, as soon as we set foot inside Rajiv uncle’s store, we couldn’t help but stay on for him to give us a well-guided tour. He told us that a lot of his antique lights (he does only antiques btw!) are bought by designers/owners of heritage resorts. Every small and big light that was on the shop’s wall looked distinctly Indian, and we learnt that the owner still believes in sticking to old hand-cut glass and brass moulding techniques.

    The prices here are a bit on the higher side because it’s all handmade, but we found outdoor lights for INR 4K and royal chandeliers in sparkling green stones for around INR 18K. So, if your mum’s on a home-improvement spree, we suggest you take here.

    P.S. The owner is a very sweet and helpful, and was even covered by the BBC for his lovely lamps.

    So, We're Saying...

    Amidst all these old and new lamp shops, we also found a stall so small he didn’t even have a card but God, it’s one of the cutest places we’ve seen. We found it because we were lost while combing the lanes, and what’s a Chandni Chowk trip without bumping into odd finds, right? They have table fans (yes, so archaic and so cool) in candy colours and disco lights at INR 650. You can try looking for stall no. 39 in the Old Lajpat Rai market.