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Planning A Trip To Bhangarh? Here's Everything You Need To Know

    What Makes It Awesome

    Bhangarh is the one place we're pretty sure you must have already heard of. If the thrill seeker in you still wants to go ahead and plan a trip to this haunted fort, then perhaps, you should keep these points in mind. 

    Bhangarh is almost five hours away from Delhi by road. If you choose to drive, then you have the luxury of stopping by at Taj, or even CCD or KFC to grab some grub on the way. Otherwise, you can book a flight, which is just an hour-long journey (this could cost you anything from INR 2,000 to INR 6000). Once you land, you will need to book a cab from Jaipur to Bhangarh. 

    Apart from the Bhangarh Fort, you can also visit the Narayani Mata Temple,  Siliserk Lake Palace and the Sariska Tiger Reserve.

    If you are visiting the Bhangarh Fort that is located in the Bhangarh Village, know that there isn't anywhere that you can grab a bite to eat within the village and the entire area closes down before night time. No person is allowed to enter the fort before sunrise or after sunset due to the many accounts of it being haunted. 

    Ideally, you should think about planning a longer trip when you can stay in Jaipur, explore the city and keep a day aside for Bhangarh. This way, you can return to the comfort of your hotel in an hour post exploring the fort.

    What Could Be Better?

     We'd love to give you an exciting list of where you can eat around here, but there aren't any restaurants or dhabas for at least a few miles close to the fort. So, we suggest you pack some paranthas and snacks for yourselves before heading out.


    We suggest that you schedule your trip wisely and keep in mind the time limitations.