End Of The Month Woes? Enjoy Biryani On A Budget At This Outlet

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What Makes It Awesome

Bikkgane Biryani, which has outlets all over Delhi NCR, is going to be your next go-to spot for scrumptious and pocket friendly biryani and north Indian meals. After all, much like instant noodles, biryani has become a go-to meal best enjoyed tucked into bed with a selection of movies planned for the day. You can either stop by post work and pick up your stash or have it home delivered in a jiffy!

If you enjoy spicy food, then Hyderabadi biryani is a better choice over Lucknawi and that’s exactly what Bikkgane makes. The choices are the usuals, but all of them are full of flavour which is refreshing when it comes to budget food. We loved the paneer biryani as much as the mutton one and the best part is that the mutton and chicken come in boneless variants too. 

If you’re ordering for a get-together or for a large appetite, then add a host of sides to your order. They have a selection of kebabs and tikkas and we highly recommend the malai paneer tikka and tangri kebab. Both have an amazing flavour of spices and coal.

Speaking of starters, they have a menu that’s awesome for a drinking session. The babycorn manchurian, Chicken 65, Andhra mutton fry and Gobhi 65 are great with whisky or rum for that matter. If you want to skip all this and just do curry and rice, their Chicken Chettinad and Andhra dal fry are awesome with naans. Finish your meal with Hyderabad classics like Double ka Meetha and Khubani ka Meetha, and you’ll be a happy camper!

What Could Be Better

The food here is usually a bit spicy but good thing that they all come with raita; you might need that!


They also have party packs and combos, so whether you’re eating alone or in a group, they have a meal that will make you feel like you just made a trip to Hyderabad. Also, the great news is that they have 16 outlets all over Delhi NCR!


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