At Billu's Hut In NSP, We Like Big Portions And We Cannot Lie!

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We love Billu’s Hut in Netaji Subhash Place for doing everything right. Their food is divine, the prices won’t burn a hole in your pocket and being the foodies {read gluttons} that we are, we got excited when we saw a plate of pasta, the size of a BIG Rajasthani thali, coming towards us.

Hut Of Hearty Meals

Despite the fact that there’s no seating, you’ll find that the area in front of Billu’s is swarming with people, which in itself is a testimony of how loved their food is.

This place is a dream come true for people who love cheese, chocolate and Chinjabi food. Any pasta that you order here will be served with a humble slice of cheese on top and the food will be so good that you’ll definitely come back for more. We can’t get over their pastas, especially their Punjabi Pasta that is the Indianised version of the good ol’ Mac and Cheese. We love the creamy Cold Coffee and filling shakes {especially the Oreo Shake and the Kit-Kat Shake} that go very well with their Cheesy Nachos and Pizzas.

Billu’s Hut is serving the comfort food of our dreams, you guys!

So, We're Saying...

Come here with big appetite for a hearty meal and leave Billu’s Hut with a big smile and a satisfied soul. You might have to spend an hour or two at the gym afterwards but the food’s totally worth it!


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