Binge On Delicious Healthy Bowls At ShopHouse By Kylin

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Inspired by the shop houses of South East Asia and serving up food inspired by local flavours, ShopHouse is the latest baby of Asian foodie haven Kylin.

Street Style Eats

With a menu that is clearly centred around easy eats and quick bites, ShopHouse is great for a catch-up in the currently buzzing One Horizon Centre in Gurgaon. The Lettuce Wraps are a great way to start here, an interactive and playful bite that you can enjoy with either glazed greens or finely minced chicken.

Sushi fans should choose either the Asparagus Tempura Roll, or the SAT {salmon, avocado, tuna) roll with chilli mayo. We loved both! The Bok Choy and Mushroom Crystal Dumplings are delightful too- packed with finely chopped veggies.

Options, Options!

If there is one thing you should most certainly sample at this eatery, then it is their very unique and refreshing concept of a DIY Bowl. Inspired by the classic meal in a bowl but with infinite customisations available as per your specific tastes, this is fun and delicious.

So, you can choose your base, your choices of vegetables {everything from fungus, to peppers, to snow peas and kalian}, your protein and sauce, and my favourite part- the toppings! There are browned onions, crushed peanuts, eggs of sorts and even prawn crackers for that final flourish to your very own Asian invention.

The good news is that everything in the bowl is blanched, including the proteins so the nutritional goodness of everything is intact, the meat is perfectly tender, the veggies are delicious and you can feel the freshness and the texture in every bite you take. Fresh, fast and healthy!

So, We're Saying...

Drop by ShopHouse by Kylin for a relaxed Asian treat, and help yourself to planning some heartiness that is also refreshingly healthy.


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