This Place In CP Should Be Your Go-To For Affordable & Flavourful Biryani

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What Makes It Awesome

This pretty little outlet of Biryani Blues in Connaught Place is the perfect place for days when you’re craving some quality biryani that has a homey vibe, while also sending you on a distinct gastronomical journey.

When you visit this outlet, you’re going to be impressed by the decor. It’s spacious, minimal, and the geometric lamps over each table give a very crisp vibe to the place. We love how this place can be visited with the squad, but at the same time, it’s also a family place.

As for the biryani, they really nail it every single time. Be it the spicy Hyderabadi biryani, the juicy keema biryani (INR 445) or the succulent chicken biryani (INR 425 onwards), you’ll know that this place really does take its biryani seriously. The rice is always cooked to perfection, the meat is succulent, and falls off the bone.

Also, they may just change your views on vegetarian biryani (or, if you’re particular about terminology, pulao) with their soya biryani which is juicy, spicy, and doesn’t make you feel like you’re missing out on the non-veg bit, thanks to the great mix of flavours.

Another area where they win are their condiments. To know that you will always get your biryani with raita and the home-made mirchi ka salan is literally all the mental security that a biryani connoisseur needs. The portions are generous, and it all comes together with the flavours of the biryani. The best part is that this place is affordable, and you’ll be spending INR 600 (approximately) if you really go all out with the biryani binge. You can also order from their assortment of kebabs; try their Chicken Nizami or Fiery Paneer.

Biryani Blues also home delivers, and there is really no need to make reservations before thinking about heading here.

What Could Be Better

Nothing. Because they fulfill every kind of biryani craving and also deliver home (for all those times you want to just eat biryani with your mates over a couple of beers at home).