Bison Head Brooches, Antler Neckpieces & Jacket Earrings By Kichu

    Ipsita posted on 06 September

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    An eponymous label started by Kichu Dandiya, Kichu is a design-oriented brand that does modern and minimalistic jewellery which draws inspiration from various ethnicities of the world.

    The Evolution Of Jewellery

    Taking a step away from traditional Indian jewellery as well as the chunky ‘junk’ jewellery, Kichu takes a modern approach when it comes to design. While the inspiration still comes from various old cultures and ethnicities of India and the world, the execution is simpler, cleaner, and most definitely striking.

    The production takes place in Jaipur. Here, the designs are finalised, resources procured, and local karigars employed to handcraft each piece from start to finish.

    Shark Attack

    One sweeping glance at the collection here is enough to tell you that the look is tribal and minimal. Without the interference of stones and heavy cutwork, the metal is what makes the product stand out—brass and copper with gold-plated finish in this case.

    Check them out for a whole lot of antler and scarab neckpieces, shark tooth earrings, bison-head brooches, palm cuffs, body chains, and septum rings, all of which we think would have looked equally killer on early tribespeople, as they would on a modern day woman.

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