For As Low As INR 350, Get Leather Juttis & Strappy Sandals At This Paharganj Store

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Bittoo Chappal Store has been in its exact spot, run by generations of the same family for over 40 years. With a loyal clientele (all of whom make the drive to Paharganj), unparalleled bespoke services and prices to boot, we had to see what all the fuss was about.

What Makes It Awesome

It's an unassuming store spilling over with a variety of juttis, leather flats, open sandals, closed shoes, kohlapuris, banerjees and gladiators, all made out of pure leather.

Over the years, we've also spotted boho-looking suede sandals and during winter, you'll find plain boots (both ankle and knee-length) in tans, dark blue (yes!), black and grey tones too. With a manufacturing unit in the same market (they won’t tell you where), they keep the shoes, styles, sizes and colours coming.

On a ‘reccee’, we ended up trying on seven different styles, and buying the perfect tan fine paisley print juttis, and a pair of square-toed (androgyny), leather red strappy chappals.

What Could Be Better

If you buy strappy sandals from Bittoo Chappal, be prepared to see the sole of your feet reddish-brown in colour during the initial few days of wearing them. The tan pair we bought from this store bleeds a bit of colour when it comes in contact with our skin. 

However, you'll feel better knowing that the colour bleeds a little only in the initial days. It would've been perfect though if the colour remained intact all throughout. 


Men, we know shopping, especially finding a good deal, might not be your jam so we’ll make it easy (Bitto Chappal Store will, actually). Find a style you love, take it to them, have them measure your feet and there you have it - strapping shoes, and a lot of time saved.

PS: They’re best known for their customised banerjees.


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