Black Ice Creams, Bubble Waffles & More: You Goth To Try This Trendy Spot In Green Park

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What Makes It Awesome

I️ stumbled across this cute cosy place in the heart of Green Park main market, and wanted to try everything on the menu!

From their Gothic section, I tried The Nightmare {black cone topped off with a scoop of black coconut ice cream} and it totally blew my mind. For all the Oreo addicts out there - you'll love their delish version with Red Velvet served in a crunchy Nutella drenched red cone. The Funnel Hill Creamery’s also got a range of other flavours like Cookie Monster, Devil's Hell and Crazy Panda. As if that weren’t enough, the friendly owners even allow you to customise your ice cream with chocolate chips, marshmallows, sprinkles, the works.

If you’re not in the mood for ice cream, try their Banoffee Crunch Bubble Waffles, Unicorn Ice Cream and Chocolate Zoology served in a funnel cone.

What Could Be Better?

Many items on the menu weren’t available when I️ visited, but they’re launching a new exciting menu shortly so watch out for that!

Anything Else?

The Funnel Hill Creamery is basically every dessert addict’s dream come true and will make your Instagram feed pop. I’m definitely going back to try their milkshakes {Dark Matter - here’s looking at you.} 🍫

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