These Unique Perfumes Will Make You Smell So Good All Day Long!

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What Makes It Awesome

My perfume preferences have gone through an entire transformation; from only sweet-smelling perfumes with celebrities’ names printed on the box to more subtle, cleaner scents, I try to go indie and local wherever I can. On my search for the best local perfume brand, I found a worthy contender online. Body & Fragrance is a cruelty-free label that makes high quality, gender neutral perfumes and while they’re fairly new, they’ve already started selling out.

The packaging is really clean and simple, the bottles are transparent and get their tint from the perfume inside and the labelling is to the point with just the name of the perfume on it and a few other necessary details. There’s 9 scents you can pick from; Carpe Diem is fruity with hints of pink peppercorn, rose and patchouli, Mot Juste has notes of citrus, lavender and musk, my favourite was Opulence with a balance of floral and fruity notes containing pineapple, lily and mandarin. They’re long lasting for sure and I love the price which is pretty affordable compared to bigger brands. The same perfumes are also available as roll ons which can be SO much more convenient to keep in your bag. 

Price: INR 299 for 30ml, INR 499 for 200ml 

What Could Be Better

Most of the perfumes have the same base notes so if you’re averse to Bergamot, you probably won’t find something that’ll work for you.


There’s a flat 20% off discount if you use the code”GET20”. They’re also going to be introducing home fragrances (Candles? Air fresheners?) soon so keep an eye out for that. 


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