Want A Boho Wardrobe? Hit This Store For Budget Dresses, Crop Tops & Shoes

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We found a store in Majnu Ka Tila that’s encouraging us to renew summer wardrobe without burning too big a hole in our pocket. If you’re into oversized dresses and floaty tops, you’ll find a reason to stay here longer than you’d have intended in the first place.

The Long & Short Of It

A stroll around the area threw up a bunch of small boutiques and we’re taking a few moments to focus on a new store in Old Camp {it’s so undiscovered it doesn’t even have a name or a shop number}. From fit-for-mommy tunics to off-shoulder dresses, the shop’s choc full of options. Printed pants and cute summer shorts also find a small space alongside the white sneakers everyone’s been obsessing about. The place looks like an H&M factory outlet meets Sarojini Nagar rolled into a compact store whose AC and a trial room make life so much easier. A bit of a bummer? The prices aren’t exactly throwaway – the tops begin at INR 350 and dresses at INR 800. But think of it this way: It’s still cheaper than the mall and has the luxury of an unhurried, not-dying-of-a-heatstroke shopping experience where you get to try and buy without being pushed and shoved.

It's Tee Time Folks

There’s going to be no digging through a heap with these clothes all neatly lined on hangers and if your bargaining game is strong, you can even hope for an INR 50-150 discount. So, make a day of the trip to this enchanting Tibetan colony and make a pit stop here for every kind of need – basic tees, sleeping tees, work tops, party dresses, formal pants, beach shorts, funky stoles, boots for winter parties and comfy sneakers.

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