Bollywood Biistro: Kebabs, Sizzlers And Music All Day Long

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Another addition to the expanding horizon of eateries in Punjabi Bagh, Bollywood Biistro serves some of the best kebabs and sizzlers in town.


Cheese Corn Kebabs, Chicken Seekh Kebab, Shashlik Sizzler 


 Snicker Bar Shake, Cosmopolitan


For the big certificate {replica, of course} from the Central Board of Film Certification adorning their wall

Bollywood Tadka Fix

The walls here are filled with Bollywood dialogue frames. We like how innovatively they’ve used Sanjay Dutt’s poster, from the movie Lamhaa, for the smoking zone. But being Bollywood fanatics, we were left craving for more. A little more effort could have gone into the interiors, and they could have used some more interesting Bollywood posters instead of just dialogue boxes.

They also have a DJ playing groovy Bollywood and Punjabi music, all day long, which makes you want to head to the dance floor immediately {the loudness can be a turn-off for some people}. Nonetheless, nothing takes away from their amazing food.

Best Part Of The Cinematic Experience

Their Chicken Seekh Kebab is gorgeous {melt-in-the-mouth kind}. Another star is the Corn and Cheese Kebabs—these are absolutely stunning and if you don’t order it, you’re missing out.

The Amritsari Fish Pakora and Mushroom Tikka are pretty great too. Chicken Malai Tikka, Cheese Chilli Toast and the Pasta Primavera are good, but not extraordinary like their peers.

Chicken Shashlik Sizzler, served on bed of rice or noodles, with gravy, sautéed vegetables and French fries, is a fabulous pick. Even the rice had a beautiful smokey flavour.

For dessert we were served the Banoffee Pie, which was tasty but didn’t have as much toffee as we’re accustomed to.

We definitely expected filmy names for the dishes and were disappointed. Consolation: Their shisha flavours are named after famous characters from Bollywood. Nevertheless the presentation and taste of the food served is spot on.

Thirst Quenchers

We tried the all-time classic Cosmopolitan and the Snicker Bar Shake and both were great, but there is a definite need for wider straws, because the peanuts in our shake kept hampering our romance with the milky, Snicker-y goodness. We’d suggest ditching the straws and chugging.


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