Design Your Own Or Shop For Awesome Shirts From This Cool Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

If the name hadn’t given it away, this company is all about shirts. Being the very first online shirt brand in India, Bombay Shirt Company has managed to garner quite a following for itself.

While the brand has an excellent collection to offer, you could also choose to design and customise your own (which is what they’re best known for). The number of ways you can play around with getting your shirt isn’t funny. We sat down to try a whole lot of permutations and combinations with their customisation options, and as much as we love playing dress up, the sheer range of options made our head spin.

So this is how it goes—you start by picking from their range of fabrics (herringbone, twill, satin, linen, etc.) and designs (stripes, checks, cats, dots and so on). Once you’re done, you can choose everything from collar style, cuffs, placket, sleeve style, buttons, to even elbow patch and monogram!

Just in case, you feel it's a hassle to go through the process of designing your own, we suggest that their readymade options are good and you should definitely not miss out on them. We love their windmill printed shirt and this other one - with feathers printed on it. 

Price: Starting at INR 2,000


You’re not entirely comfortable with getting your shirt customised based on what you see and share online? We say head to their store in Meherchand Market, where their masterji sits between 11am – 8pm (Tuesday to Sunday), and check out the fabric swatches and discuss design possibilities (of course, after the lockdown is lifted).


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