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Bonhomia Has A New Silent Coffee Machine & It Makes For A Great Gift

    Available on LBB


    Bonhomia, the company which introduced us to coffee capsules, is back with a brand new single serve machine- the Brew It is sleek, silent and produces a killer cup of coffee in well… 10 seconds.

    What's All The Steam About?

    Most of us can’t compete with the professional cup of coffee which comes out of these grandiose, giant coffee machines at your favourite cafe.

    This is where Brew It comes in – it’s compact, doesn’t sputter and {we speak from experience} produces a great shot of espresso. You just have to pop in a capsule {don’t even have to open this, lazy people FTW} and wait for a few seconds.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you’re looking for gifting ideas for house warming or #ShaadiSeason, you’ve found it {provided you’re okay shelling out INR 14,995}. We’d also recommend throwing in a frother {another 3k} for an excellent cup of cappuccino.


    If you like your coffee flavoured, order the vanilla capsules for sure. They’re also coming out with a Cookies and Cream flavour soon.

      Available on LBB