Let Your Skin Breathe: Book An Appointment With Melody For A Face Clean-Up

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What Did I Like?

I've been going to Asian Roots for almost a decade now, and swear by {most of} their services. Though I rarely get facials and face clean-ups - and only resort to them when I look totally haggard - but when I do, they're with Melody.

Melody's been at Asian Roots for as long as it's been around. Her treatments are excellent for sensitive skin. I like her clean-ups the most - they include a light scrub, hydration, steam if needed, and a light massage. She adjusts the therapy to what your requirements are and also suggests treatments best meant for your skin type. Though they've got a few options, I stick to Thalgo treatments - I've found their products to be best for sensitive skin. My skin's a little red for a few hours after the therapy, so I avoid scheduling anything right after one.

Lie back, relax, and let Melody do her thing!

PS: if you have acne, go to a dermatologist, not a spa. Facials and clean-ups don't fix acne {I've learnt it the hard way}.

How Much Did It Cost?

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