Book Bala For South Indian Coastal Food Catering

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What Makes It Awesome?

This recommendation is courtesy my aunt, who introduced me to Bala. Affiliated with Chidambaram Cafe in Khanna Market (go here for EXCELLENT vegetarian South Indian food), Bala's Coastal Food is fantastic! I got him on board for a brunch at home, and my friends and I demolished their prawn curry, chicken Chettinad, kerai kuttu (palak daal with coconut), beans poriyal, and vegetable stew.

The process is pretty easy:
- call him to block the date and time
- he will send you a set of dishes to choose from; pick the ones you want (they do lamb as well)
- he and a sous chef show up at the designated time and prepare the food (assemble ingredients)
- the sous chef makes fresh appams


It's about INR 1,000 per head for six people, which is cheaper than how much you'd end up paying for six mains and two appams per person at Sanadige/Coast Cafe/Amma's Haus. The food is excellent!

- he doesn't bring any cutlery
- I didn't need service - so no idea how that works

Bon appetit!
(Apologies - the images are representational, I forgot to take pictures of the food.)

What Could Be Better?

You need to drop him a bunch of reminders. He's quick to respond though. I WhatsApp chatted with him for all of the above!

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