What A Treat! Find Books For As Low As INR 20 At This Sunday Market

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Hidden away in the by-lanes of purani Dilli lies the Daryaganj Sunday book bazaar. This market offers amazing books at throwaway prices since as long as one can remember.

What Makes It Awesome

Easily one of the city’s most iconic cultural spots, there’s no bookworm in the city who hasn’t taken that Sunday stroll through the book-laden, dusty lanes of Daryaganj, unearthing rare gems they probably won't find anywhere else.

Starting at Delite Cinema, the rows of stalls have everything - dictionaries, NCERT books, second-hand books, manga, fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and more that a book-lover or student (not mutually exclusive) could wish for.

Pick from books on art, technology, self-help, photography, travel, and the works; There’s something for anyone who walks down the chaotic and congested sidewalk. And if you don’t find anything to your liking, you can just buy some good ol’ paper, too (it’s 20 bucks a kg, and always comes in handy).

What Could Be Better

You might, however, have to really work to find a specific book. And if you’re just on a visit, the range will lure you into buying a lot more than you planned to, so go prepare

Pro Tip

We feel it’s our duty to tell you that the price can be a quarter of the market price if you bargain (though we can’t promise anything here). Go early in the morning for the best finds. Wear comfortable shoes and take public transportation because finding parking is difficult.