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Handcrafted, minimal, progressive and nostalgic; that’s Cord for you. They make leather products that aim at linking the classic and modern elements, with a special focus on comfort, material and interaction to the body.

Why We Love What We Love

They say a woman can never have too many bags. Or a man, for that matter. {They probably said it about shoes. But we know you’re agreeing with us on this front as well.} Take a couple of seasoned bag-buying friends and put them in a room, and you’re bound to find a Cord creation on one of them.

Operating off of a brand new website and stocking at Exclusively and Indelust, Cord specialises in playing with leather and canvas to bring you a fabulous line of bags that are a mix of utility and stunning design.

The Old and the New

With a catalogue that looks like a screenshot right out of Pinterest, their initial Natsukashii collection is worth checking out, as are the Gentleman’s Fundamental Sets. We are floored by their sling bags, overnighters, and sleeves.

We are especially pleased with their design aesthetic, because each piece keeps to the natural and old-timey look of leather, with embellishments of patterned canvas swatches, or vice versa. Inspired by the vintage, and aspiring toward the modern, their oversized roll-up clutches and Hemicycle bags {that curve though!} are the perfect brunch accessories.

A Few Good Men

For your gentlemen friends, check out their wallets, coffer sets and more. The price point, though on the higher side, clearly caters to those who will not mind paying for a piece of class and creativity. Be it the Fly Leaf Sling or a minimal laptop sleeve, the detailing is on point; as is their packaging. Do we dare say this brand has struck all the right Cords?

Where: Shop here. 

Price: INR 1,800 – INR 9,500

Contact: +91 9899943664 or check their Facebook page here here

You can also check out their Instagram here.