This Couple Is Dropping Off Books On The Delhi Metro That You Can Take For Free!

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What Makes It Awesome

Books On The Delhi Metro is a now 3 year-old initiative started by a well-meaning, book-loving couple, Shruti and Tarun, who want to spread the joy of reading and sharing. They leave a hint on their social media handles about where commuters can find a surprise copy and then everyone’s free to find the book, read it and then return it at their own pace. Sweet, right? 

The idea is inspired by a similar initiative that’s been leaving books in the London Underground. In 2016 though, Emma Watson left a copy of her favourite paperback and the initiative got all the hype and attention it deserved. When Shruti read about her favourite Harry Potter heroine doing her good bit, she knew it was a thing after her own heart.

She quickly wrote to the organisers of the campaign asking if she could replicate this mobile library format in her city with her husband. Thankfully for all of us, she got a big yes and that's how Books On The Delhi Metro was born.

All you have to do is follow Shruti’s social media updates where she regularly leaves a photo of the paperback and a clue about its whereabouts and once you crack the hint, you can go find the book at metro stations (or inside the metro sometimes). Next step, you just smile and pick it up. Just don’t forget to tag Shruti and let her know that you’ve taken it though via social media.

Feel free to read it at leisure and drop it in the same fashion you received it – and make someone else’s day. Book fairies just got real, you guys!

Where do we even begin about what we love about this? It melts our heart that this sweet couple doesn’t care about losing their books in the process and isn’t bogged down by questions like “what if people don’t return the books?” because what’s a small loss in this big, compassionate love story?!


Join this movement and share the joy of reading with everyone. It’s not every day that a thing like this comes along. Follow their social media pages to find your next favourite book!


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