JD In Your Dal Or Tequila In Your Pasta? These 7 Places Do Some Crazy Boozy Dishes

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There are those who like alcohol and then, there are those who can’t get enough of it. If you’re in the second category, our list of boozy savoury dishes is what you’ll {absolutely} love and in case you want to keep the party going with desserts, you can try these boozy sweet treats too. Now, aren’t we sweet?

Lord Of The Drinks

There’s no doubt that Lord of The Drinks is great place to hangout with your friends after a crazy week at work and there’s no better way to drown in your sorrows than by eating or rather hogging on the good ol’ North Indian favourite – Dal Makhni. Plus, when they’ve got Dal Makhni infused with 30 ml of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, you know that everrrything’s going to be okay.


Tamasha’s got Jack Daniel’s Dal Makhni too, but they go a step ahead with their Vodka Dum Biryani. So, you get flavourful smoked dum biryani with vodka soaked chicken and cucumber cumin raita and well, that’s all you need to eat, eat more and be merry. Plus, getting the best of both vodka and biryani, minus the hangover is a dream come true and the chefs at Tamasha are making it happen.

Odeon Social

Odeon Social is one of our favourite places for weekend scenes with friends and why not when they’ve got so many alcohol-infused savoury dishes on their menu. Start with their Beer n Cheese Lamb Burger that’s got all the good things in life {maybe, not according to your gym trainer} – beer, cheese and lamb, follow it up with the Black Label Butter Chicken and if there’s still any room left, finish up with the sweet and boozy Old Monk Cassatta Sundae.

Fork You

Fork You does a good, good Peppered Garlic Steak braised in beer, perfectly grilled with a brown crust on the outside and having juicy tender meat on the inside that’s oozing with flavours. With a winning combo of well-seasoned buff and beer, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give Fork You’s steak a shot. This dish is most likely to be in your good books for as long as it’s on the restaurant’s menu.

The Hudson Cafe

Pasta is the Italian comfort food we often turn to and when it also has white wine, it’s definitely a lot more than just comfort {maybe, comfort multiplied by two}. The North Campus students are lucky to have an eatery like The Hudson Cafe where they can chill, chow down boozy pastas like the one with white wine and their Penne Vodka Pasta’s a close second that can offer some solace from all the assignments piling up. College might be over for us, but we’ll always come back to North Campus for The Hudson Cafe.

The Big Chill

It’d be a sin if we did not include Big Chill’s Penne Vodka Pasta on our list of delish boozy dishes, because it’s a creamy, perfectly cooked pasta infused with just the right amount of the vodka kick that the chefs here having been getting right since forever. And once you’ve eaten every last bite of their pasta, end your meal with the chocolate-y Mississippi Mudpie we can’t seem to get enough of.

Smoke House Deli

Smoke House Deli’s got Tomato Tequila Pasta, Chicken cooked in a Red Wine stock and they also have a Saffron & Seafood Paella that’s basically rich, creamy risotto mixed vodka. Pasta with tequila and risotto with Vodka, these guys are definitely experimenting with the right ingredients. So, don’t limit happy to a few hours, instead, go try their boozy dishes that won’t disappoint.


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