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Get Fresh Cow Milk, Free Of Additives And Preservatives, Delivered To Your Doorstep From This Brand

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    Running out of milk in the house? Fret not. Order fresh milk delivered to your doorstep straight from the farms by Pride of Cows. Located on the Pune-Nasik Highway, Pride of Cows is a 26-acre dairy farm in Manchar equipped with the finest international technology for milking cows and processing milk. With over 3,800 cows and a well-trained staff, the brand makes sure that every bottle of milk that reaches your doorstep matches international standards in terms of quality. The cows are also pampered, we are told, with music, showers and specially designed nutritional meals. The milk is delivered in a refrigerated condition directly from the farm to your doorstep immediately after milking, pasteurization, homogenization and packaging. There are no intermediaries involved in the supply chain and hence Pride of Cows is not available over the shelves. This ensures that there is no scope for adulteration of any kind in the Pride of Cows bottle which reaches your doorstep.