Breakfast Doesn’t Have To Be A Morning Meal When It’s From Smoke House Deli

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What Makes It Awesome?

If you love breakfast as much as I do, I suggest you make your next meal at Smokehouse Deli, a breakfast.

First soak in the interiors, even if you've been before, there are nuances on the wall art that always seem new the second time around, then ask your server for beverage suggestions, they have a fine selection of teas by Anandini Tea, I suggest the orange pekoe, lavender, and lemongrass. If you're a coffee person, then go for a French press, and try the Brazil Bourbon - bold, toasty with dark chocolate undertones, and since the press holds two cups, your breakfast is sorted.

They serve a bread tray with mini croissants, muffins, jam, and soft butter (the consistency is paramount, it shows thoughtfulness, and you don't end up stabbing the cold butter for a skosh), don't fill up on these, your breakfast awaits!

I am a die-hard Eggs Benedict fan, and that's my usual order at most breakfast places, here's the clincher, they have an option for a fat-free Hollandaise which is as amazing as regular Hollandaise. The mouthfeel isn't as creamy, but who's complaining? The taste is perfect and since it's poached eggs, be guilt free and order another dish.

Make the next one either the Akuri or a smoked salmon and cream cheese omelette served with regular, white or smart bread. Smart bread is their gluten-free bread which is nowhere close to the tasteless, sticky gluten-free bread you may have had elsewhere, it's actually good for a product with no wheat flour.

If you prefer a lighter breakfast albeit as indulgent then this menu is as perfect for you as it is for folks like me (read lovers of heavy, cheese, meat-based platter of breakfast foods). Their Granola with yogurt and seasonal fruits hits the spot, a glass filled with creamy yogurt, diced fruits topped with an amaranth flaxseed granola bar, so each bite is beautifully textured. They also have gluten-free pancakes, and given the trend and the need of the hour, they've ingeniously incorporated millets into the menu with an upma that will overwhelm you with nostalgia.

I am not averse to menus with forgotten grains and the like, but there are very few places that do justice to relatively hard to cook ingredients like millets, but Smokehouse figured out the perfect dish for a grain like this.

They also have other old-school dishes that are perfect for a cooler season, Devilled Baked Beans, hash browns, and Eggs Florentine served on brioche and topped with Hollandaise.

Close the meal with a round of waffles, and make it the Banoffee one, it's the perfect end to a perfect brekkie!

What Could Be Better?

It would be great to have them in Gurgaon.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, and Kids.

Chef & Mommy! Personal Mantra: eat, run, repeat 💪🏼