Delhi Folks, We Rounded Up 16 Best Places For Breakfast!

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They do call breakfast the most important meal of the day so we thought we’d find places around town doing some delectable brekkie, so we can start our day off right, feeling light and bright. Here are 16 awesome places you can go to for devouring a hearty, morning meal. 


Camillo's is one of our favourite pizza places in the capital, and now, luckily for us, they've launched a breakfast menu (served from 8 AM to 11 AM) that focuses on wholesome, uncomplicated breakfast delights. Our favourite from the (short and sweet) menu is their Creamy Chicken Sandwich, which checks all of the boxes for the ultimate comfort sandwich —with soft milk bread toasted to perfection, and a delectable chicken stuffing made with thousand island, dehydrated pineapple, and peppers.

Opening Time: 8 AM

Price For Two: INR 3,000

Fig At Museo

Even on the hottest of days, you can rely on this cafe for a cool outdoor breakfast experience. Their breakfast menu includes a variety of eggs, open toast, pancakes and smoothie bowls. The outdoor area has many trees which help shade the area very well and there's a cool water mist in the summertime too. They also have an indoor seating area, if that's what you prefer. The cafe is placed inside Camera Museum which opens at 11 am, so after breakfast, you can visit the museum and learn about the history of photography!

Opening Time: 8 AM

Price For Two: INR 1,400

Saravana Bhavan

Saravana Bhavan is our all-time favourite when it comes to South Indian grub and for good reason—their food is absolutely delish. They’ve got dosa, idli, vada pav, uttapam, and all the southy food that makes breakfast a delight.

Opening Time: 8 AM

Price For Two: INR 700

AMA Cafe

This Majnu Ka Tila joint offers a brekkie menu full of power-packed dishes. You can choose between a Himalayan Breakfast, an English one, or an American version. They’ve also got pancakes, cereal, eggs, and salads.

Opening Time: 8 AM

Price For Two: INR 700

Andhra Bhavan

If you’re the kind of person who gets more confused the more options they see on the menu, you’re gonna love what these guys have in store for you. Andhra Bhavan’s breakfast section has an idli, a vada, and a dosa of your choice paired with tea or coffee. Go, say “breakfast,” done.

Opening Time: 11:30 AM

Price For Two: INR 500

Cafe Lota

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know how amazing the food at Cafe Lota is (it’s a fan favourite for a reason). For brekkie options, you’ve got ragi vada pav, idli, and different paratha variants. If that’s not your jam (breakfast pun?), they’ve also got pancakes, sandwiches, egg bhurji and a distinctive quinoa upma we can’t wait to try.

Opening Time: 10 AM

Price For Two: INR 1,200

Jain Chawal Wale

You’ll almost always find a big crowd in front of this place partly because it’s in CP and partly because the vegetarian food here is some of the best you’ll find around town. Their breakfast options include chhole bhature, parathas, bread and paneer pakoras, and their special lassi and chaach.

Opening Time: 7 AM

Price For Two: INR 450

Di Ghent Cafe

With a menu full of delicious food, this place is doing the first meal of the day all kinds of justice. They’ve got pancakes, crepes, bagels, toast, eggs, sandwiches, and a lot more. If that massive menu doesn’t spell breakfast, we don’t know what does.

Opening Time: 8 AM

Price For Two: INR 1,500

For Earth's Sake

This zero-waste cafe and store with two outlets in Gurgaon - Galleria and Southpoint Mall. While they don’t have a particular breakfast menu, they have breakfast foods such as sandwiches, bagels, open toast and vegetarian omelettes (made from besan and no, they don’t taste like cheelas). 

Opening Time: 10 AM

Price For Two: INR 900

Cafe Tesu

This Adchini cafe has had our hearts for quite a while now. Their amazing tea blends and coffee concoctions are the perfect kickstarter to the morning, while the fruit bowls, waffles, eggs (so many variants), and Indian breakfast options will keep you going through the day (well, at least till lunch).

Opening Time: 8 AM

Price For Two: INR 1,100


With good ol’ dosa, idli, vada pav, and uttapam, the cute, little cafe in Kailash Colony is doing brekkie right. You’ll also find muesli, sprouts, yogurt, sandwiches and more if you’re looking for a healthy alternative. How about a fresh fruit platter to finish it up?

Opening Time: 6 AM

Price For Two: INR 700

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba

Amrik Sukhdev is almost a landmark that has had a steady stream of patrons visiting it for years now. This dhaba offers both indoor and outdoor seating and the service is super quick. Try their famous paranthas and don't forget to end your meal with chai.

Open: 24 Hours 

Price For Two: INR 500


Getafix is a quaint café known for its use of fresh ingredients to make healthy, nutritious, and yummy food—their smoothies and sandwiches, in particular, are amazing. You'll definitely find a range of continental breakfast options here.

Opening Time: 10 AM

Price For Two: INR 1,900

Amour Bistro

Amour Bistro has comfortable seating, beautiful decor, and great food. It has an eclectic breakfast menu offering sandwiches, waffles, pancakes, quiches and more - available from 8 am to 11:30 am.

Opening Time: 8 AM

Price For Two: INR 2,000

Sita Ram Diwan Chand

Chhole Bhature hold a special place in the hearts of Delhiites and apparently people can have it for all meals. Sita Ram Diwan Chand is still arguably one of the best places for the same. Apart from that they also have Paneer Bhatura, Meethi Lassi, Chana Kulcha and Kulfi. 

Opening Time: 8 AM

Price For Two: INR 300

Moolchand Paratha

Parathas are part of the staple diet when it comes to an authentic Delhi breakfast. Moolchand Paratha is serving a variety of paranthas - from the classic egg and paneer parantha to chilli garlic and egg keema parantha.

Opening Time: 9 AM

Price For Two: INR 500


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